Over the past few years, the tourism industry and the landscape of our local business community have shifted. In response, Tourism Kelowna is moving from a stakeholder to a membership model, allowing our organization to meet our local businesses' current needs and work more effectively for our current member base.

Moving forward, businesses will be able to join Tourism Kelowna as either members or advertisers. There are two main differences between the options:

  1. Members will have full voting rights at Tourism Kelowna and can run/vote for the board of directors, whereas advertisers cannot.
  2. Businesses will not be required to purchase the Base Program to be eligible for other Tourism Kelowna advertising/marketing programs. 

How does this affect current stakeholders of Tourism Kelowna?

Current stakeholders will automatically be transitioned to members and will maintain all the Base Program benefits. More information can be found through the following links:

Next steps:

The change from stakeholder to membership model will occur over the next 12 months as programs are renewed monthly. Stakeholders will be sent their renewal invoice together with an email notification about the transition. 

If you have any questions or would like to share your feedback about working with Tourism Kelowna, please feel free to contact Sara Correa at sara@tourismkelowna.com