Explore Kelowna Sustainably

The crystal blue water of Okanagan Lake, the lush vineyards and orchards, and the fresh pure clean air. There are many reasons to visit Kelowna. But in order to ensure Kelowna remains beautiful we ask you respect and care for the land, the people and our way of life during your stay. Take time to learn about the deep roots of the Indigenous culture of the Okanagan (sylix) People who have been on these lands for thousands of years. Reduce your carbon footprint by exploring businesses who have committed to sustainable business practices. And make sure when you are exploring nature to pack it in and pack it out, leaving no trace behind.

Learn more about our regional pledge and commitment to sustainability with the Seven Affirmations for Seven Generations.

Throughout Kelowna and the surrounding communities, many businesses have made the commitment to the Biosphere Adhesion Program. Businesses that are a part of this program are committed to improving their business practices by protecting and restoring environmental and social sustainability impacts. When planning your trip to the area, we encourage you to visit these businesses, not only will they offer a memorable experience, but you will feel comforted that the business is actively looking for ways improve and reduce their impact on not only the environment, but making Kelowna a better place just because you visited. 

However, you decide to spend your time in the area, we hope you will take time to get to know us and stay awhile. Show us how you explore Kelowna sustainably by using the hashtag #exploreKelowna.


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