Kelowna Performing Arts

Expect a big production.

Live music fills our parks every summer with the much-loved “Parks Alive” program.  Music is also celebrated every day of the year on stage at Prospera Place, a 6,000 seating capacity arena that hosts artists the world over.  In addition, the Okanagan Symphony provides residents and visitors alike with some of the most glorious sounds in the area.  For jazz, blues, rock and contemporary music, Kelowna, BC, also boasts a selection of bars and clubs.

Live theatre is also thriving in Kelowna, BC.  The 879-seat Kelowna Community Theatre delights audiences year-round with a variety of professional productions, as does the 332 seat Mary Irwin Theater located in the Rotary Centre of the Arts.

So visit Kelowna, BC, and expect to be entertained.


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Spotlight on Kelowna