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Family Day Weekend in Kelowna

Nothing says family fun like cruising down the slopes at Big White Ski Resort, seeking out the best hot chocolate in downtown Kelowna, or skating lakeside along Okanagan Lake. Stay in Kelowna to enjoy all the city has to offer, including hotels with waterslides, your kids' favourite restaurants, and indoor children activities (so parents can have a bit of quiet time). 

Most area wineries are open during the winter and are within easy reach, while Big White is about an hour's drive from downtown Kelowna, making it easy for both kids and adults to have a fun Family Day getaway.

Family Fun Ideas

How to Spend a Winter Weekend in Kelowna with Kids

Does your family live for skiing and snowboarding? Or do you prefer winter days by the fire, with quick forays outside to ice skate or shop?

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Best Hot Chocolate Spots in Kelowna

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Where to Eat in Kelowna if You're a Foodie Family

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5 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Kids Cross-Country Skiing

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Family Fun at Wintery Lakes in Kelowna

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Fun Indoor Activities


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