Digital Display Advertising

The Kelowna Visitor Centre is a central hub for visitors and residents. 

Digital Display Advertising is available at the Kelowna Visitor Centre. With over 300,000 people visiting the centre a year, it has become a central hub for visitors and residents searching for ideas on how to spend time in Kelowna. Digital Advertising in the Kelowna Visitor Centre presents a great opportunity to get in front of these individuals, increasing awareness and exposure of your product or service.

There are two options for Digital Display Advertising, a 48” screen and a 110” video wall; which can be booked seasonally or annually. 

Ad Placement Dates  48" Display Screen 110" Display Wall
Spring: March to May  $100 per season          $200 per season      
Summer: June to August                 $175 per season   $275 per season
Fall:   September to November          $100 per season  $200 per season
Winter: December to February  $75 per season  $150 per season
Full Year Rate   $400    $750


There are two distinct booking options, you can use one 20 second video or two still ads (each one runs for 10 seconds).  


Digital Display Images

For more information or to book your space, please contact me at or (250) 861-1515 ext. 218. Or, simply fill out and submit the Digital Display Advertising form.  


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