Tourism Kelowna's Sustainability Indicators 

Tourism Kelowna Staff, Volunteers, and Board of Directors have taken a Sustainability Pledge as part of our organization's core values. This pledge states:

“We act every day to foster the preservation and continual restoration of our land, resources, and communities.”

Tourism Kelowna also offers a sustainability pledge for visitors and local residents on our website, including providing ways on how to Explore Kelowna Sustainably. Locals and travellers are encouraged to take the pledge. There is also an abundance of information on this page about travelling sustainably in our region.

Tourism Kelowna is a Biosphere Committed entity and the Kelowna Visitor Centre has been Sustainable Tourism Gold certified. We are continually working to improve our sustainability performance and reduce the impacts of our organization and its activities.

In the dashboard below you will find some of the information that Tourism Kelowna tracks in its commitment to sustainability: