Tourism Kelowna's Volunteers

Tourism Kelowna has an outstanding team of volunteers that work hard to ensure that visitors receive all of the recommendations and information they need. Our volunteers can be found at our downtown visitor centre, airport information kiosk, and throughout the Central Okanagan with our mobile visitor services team. For questions about our volunteer program or to inquire about a volunteer position with Tourism Kelowna, please contact our Visitor Centre at

Al Lewis
Al Lewis

Bill Milljour
Bill - Volunteer

Cindy Cinkat-Hill
Cindy - Volunteer

Donna Chadwick
Donna Chadwick

Fran Macdonnell
Fran Macdonnell

Jan Nesbitt
Jan - Volunteer

Joyce Hoffman
Joyce Hoffman

Kelly Holberton
Kelly - Volunteer

Leona Hawker
Leona - Volunteer

Lucy Avery
Lucy - Volunteer

Maria Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez

Pat Rogers
Pat Rogers

Ruth Penninga
Ruth - Volunteer

Wendy Ikesaka
Wendy Ikesaka

Angie Giesbrecht
Angie - Volunteer

Bruce Taylor

David Hawker
Dave - Volunteer

Eileen Dionne
Eilenn - Volunteer

Gaby Gravel
Gaby Gravel

Joanna Kass
Joanne - Volunteer

Ken Howard
Ken - Volunteer

Lilian Aeberhardt
Lilian - Volunteer

Lynn Stevens
Lynn Stevens

Lynne Patacairk
Lynne Patacairk

Min Li
Min - Volunteer

Penny Venables
Penny - Volunteer

Sue Lord
Sue - Volunteer

Additional Volunteers

Alison Crawford
Bev Knop
Buzzy Mitchell
Celine Magneche Nde
Heidi Adhofer
Iris Hume

John Gauthier
Judy Wan
Karen Michaud
Lynne Anderson
Marnie Parton
Myrtle Dunne