Virtual Destination Showcase

Welcome to Kelowna! We are thrilled to have an opportunity to connect and share the wonderful stories of our community and show you that Kelowna is the perfect fit for your next meeting, conference or event.


This is not a typical destination familiarization tour. We are not going to walk around venues, or show you pictures of guestrooms, conference rooms or the airport. While we know these are important aspects of your program, we can assure we have great venues, guestrooms, conference space and an amazing airport, just like the other great cities you are considering. What makes Kelowna different, what makes us truly unique are the people that live and work in our community. We are collaborative, we are innovative, and we are resourceful. Right back to the Indigenous People of the area, to the birth of the wine industry, it's the stories of our people that really set us apart.

Our destination showcase takes advantage of these stories. While we come together for some great interactive experiences, we are sharing unique videos that introduce you to some of the phenomenal Kelownaians that shaped our city and speak to our DNA. As well, we have included links to videos, articles, and websites where you can learn about the many accommodations and suppliers that excel when it comes to working with meetings and conferences.

Please click below to view our agendas and find links and all the information you need to enjoy our virtual destination showcase!


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Kelowna offers one of Canada's best values for meetings and events. With an international airport, expert suppliers and range of activities for competitors, attendees and companions, Kelowna offers the metropolitan experience in a smaller urban setting where it's easy to get anywhere fast.