Tourism Kelowna Team

As the lead destination marketing organization for the Central Okanagan, the Tourism Kelowna team works on behalf of over 400 local tourism businesses and the larger hospitality and tourism industry to market the Kelowna area in a sustainable manner that strengthens the economy and enriches the quality of life for residents.

Our four team areas – Administration, Destination & Business Development, Marketing & Communications, and Visitor Experience – work collaboratively towards the goal of establishing the Central Okanagan as North America’s four-season, outdoor destination of choice by 2026.

Lisanne Ballantyne

President & CEO

250.861.1515 ext. 202

Contact Lisanne to: learn more about the long-term strategic direction of Tourism Kelowna, the Society’s annual business plan, and any questions regarding the programs, products and services we deliver to support our stakeholders delivering remarkable Central Okanagan visitor experiences.


Cheryl van den Bold

Executive Assistant

250.861.1515 ext. 213

Contact Cheryl to: Request information on the Tourism Kelowna Society operations/administration, arrange meetings and appointments, request tourism statistical information, invoice inquiries, and to discuss Tourism Kelowna services.

Lauren Lander

Director of Finance

250.861.1515 ext. 210

Contact Lauren to: Ask questions related to your invoice(s), find out your annual billing renewal period, follow up on payment, and answer any accounting/finance related questions.

Jacqui Dowling

Membership & Industry Development

250-861-1515 ext. 214

Contact Jacqui to: Be your main point of contact by offering assistance regarding your Tourism Kelowna Membership. Become a member and participate in advertising and marketing programs. Learn how Tourism Kelowna can benefit your business.

Marketing & Communications

Chris Shauf

Director of Marketing & Communications

250.861.1515 ext. 203

Contact Chris to: Find out about Tourism Kelowna’s marketing & communication strategies, learn about our strategic brand plan, collaborate on content programs and partnerships, share information about your business that may be of interest to traveling media, and media requests.

Steve Small

Digital Marketing

250.861.1515 ext. 216

Contact Steve to: Discuss digital marketing related items such as Tourism Kelowna's website, get access to Tourism Kelowna photography and video libraries, and discuss content opportunities.

Melissa McCluskey

Industry Communications Consultant


Contact Melissa to: Discuss Tourism Kelowna's Industry News Centre and industry communication channels, and to share information on your business or service which may be of interest to industry colleagues.

Carla Bechard

Marketing Programs & Partnerships

250.861.1515 ext. 204

Contact Carla to: Inquire about Tourism Kelowna marketing programs and collateral, local advertising activations, mobile pass opportunities, and Destination BC Coop partnerships.

Shereen Abbas

Travel Media & Communications

250.861.1515 ext. 209

Contact Shereen to: share new and noteworthy updates about your business or opportunities to showcase your business to travel media and influencers.

Darby Svendsen

Social Media & Content

250.861.1515 ext. 219

Contact Darby to: Discuss all things related to Tourism Kelowna's social media accounts and blog, including content creation and strategy, as well as content creation opportunities, and local creators/influencers.

Business Development

Nikki Robinson

Director of Business Development

250.861.1515 ext. 205

Contact Nikki to: Participate in co-op marketing programs for Meetings & Conventions, discuss your new business or product for the meetings & Conventions market, participate in familiarization tours for Meeting Planners, and receive bid preparation and hosting consultation.

Julia Garner, CMP

Business Development

250.861.1515 ext. 217

Contact Julia to: Arrange a FAM tour or site inspection, discuss logistics for trade show attendance and industry events, request and/or order promotional materials and collateral for your conference or event.

Sara Correa Haslehurst

Business Development, Sports & Major Events

250.861.1515 ext. 218

Contact Sara to: Assist you with your sport and event planning, from bid development, venue and hotel selection, fam trips, to liaising with local, provincial, or national sports organizatoions.

Nicolle Gomez de Sousa

Business Development, Sales Manager


Contact Nicolle to: Participate in familiarization tours for Western Canada & USA meeting planners, receive bid preparation assistance for planners, and receive hosting consultation for Western Canada & USA planners.

Vanessa Osborne

Business Development, Sales Manager


Contact Vanessa to: Participate in familiarization tours for Eastern Canada & USA meeting planners, receive bid preparation assistance for planners, and receive hosting consultation for Eastern Canada & USA planners.

Community & Visitor Engagement

Chris Lewis

Director of Community & Visitor Engagement

250.861.1515 ext. 207

Contact Chris to: Find out about or discuss Tourism Kelowna's Visitor Experience program, promote your business to in-market visitors and local residents through partnerships and activations, to arrange destination training for your front line staff, or to arrange a presentation about Tourism Kelowna and the Tourism Industry to your community group.

Sasha Taylor


250.861.1515 ext.220

Contact Sasha to: Discuss operations of the Kelowna Visitor Centre and other visitor centre locations, to give feedback regarding the Kelowna Visitor Centre or visitor centre operations, to discuss staffing, hours of operation, and partnership opportunities.

Kassidy Cote

Retail Coordinator

250.861.1515 ext. 212

Contact Kassidy to: Discuss retail opportunities including the feature artist program within the Downtown Visitor Centre, to learn more about wholesaling opportunities for your business, to discuss retail opportunities at Okanagan + Co., and to request a donation for your business or event.

Meghan Olson

Volunteer & Events Coordinator

250.861.1515 ext. 208

Contact Meghan to: Discuss Tourism Kelowna's volunteer program, mobile and satellite visitor centres, to arrange a familiarization tour for your business, or discuss events and activations within the Kelowna Visitor Centre and the community.

Hourly Staff: Community & Visitor Engagement

Ainsley Wood
250-861-1515 ext. 201

Natasha Baranyi
250-861-1515 ext. 201

Jordyn Holt
250-861-1515 ext. 201

Alec Dow
250-861-1515 ext. 201

Alex Christie
250-861-1515 ext. 201

Lily Packo
250-861-1515 ext. 201

Gail Given
250-861-1515 ext. 201

Angelina Scott 
250-861-1515 ext. 201

250-861-1515 ext. 201

Tracy Schell
250-861-1515 ext. 201

Zoe Leduc-Wright
250-861-1515 ext. 201

Valeriia Pelevina
250-861-1515 ext. 201

David Shao
250-861-1515 ext. 201

Okanagan + Co.

(at Kelowna International Airport, Departures Lounge)

Busola Akinbobola
Retail Specialist


Michael Amoako
Retail Specialist



Our Community & Visitor Engagement staff will provide suggestions and ideas (from first-hand knowledge) to assist your Kelowna vacation experience. They will supply you with websites, brochures, maps, directions, and the latest information on attractions and events in Kelowna and the surrounding area. 

To view a list of our wonderful volunteers click here.


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