Tourism Kelowna Team

Tourism Kelowna is structured to deliver Destination Sales and Marketing and Visitor Servicing to a number of customer types through the following distribution channels: direct sales and service; print communication and electronic communication.  The staff is divided into business units, each focusing on a specific customer area of specialty.  This enables staff to develop targeted sales and marketing strategies and annual objectives evaluated with the use of pre-set performance measures.  

Lisanne Ballantyne

President & CEO

250.861.1515 ext. 202

Contact Lisanne to: learn more about the long-term strategic direction of Tourism Kelowna, the Society’s annual business plan, and any questions regarding the programs, products and services we deliver to support our stakeholders delivering remarkable Central Okanagan visitor experiences.


Cheryl van den Bold

Executive Assistant

250.861.1515 ext. 213

Contact Cheryl to: Request information on the Tourism Kelowna Society operations/administration, arrange meetings and appointments, request tourism statistical information, invoice inquiries, and to discuss Tourism Kelowna services.

Lauren Lander

Director of Finance

250.861.1515 ext. 210

Contact Lauren to: Ask questions related to your invoice(s), find out your annual billing renewal period, follow up on payment, and answer any accounting/finance related questions.

Marketing & Communications

Chris Shauf

Director of Marketing & Communications

250-861-1515 ext. 203

Contact Chris to: Find out about Tourism Kelowna’s marketing & communication strategies, learn about our strategic brand plan, collaborate on content programs and partnerships, share information about your business that may be of interest to traveling media, and media requests.

Steve Small

Digital Marketing

250.861.1515 ext. 216

Contact Steve to: Make updates to your listing on the Tourism Kelowna website, get access to Tourism Kelowna photography and video libraries, and learn more about the Tourism Kelowna Extranet.

Sara Correa

Marketing Programs & Research

250.861.1515 ext. 218

Contact Sara to: Discuss Tourism Kelowna's stakeholder programs, tourism research and marketing information, program sales, and additional stakeholder requests.

Melissa McCluskey

Industry Communications Consultant

(604) 880-8962

Contact Melissa to: Discuss Tourism Kelowna's Industry News Centre and industry communication channels, and to share information on your business or service which may be of interest to industry colleagues.

Carla Bechard

Travel Media & Communication

250.861.1515 ext. 204

Contact Carla to: Inquire about and/or set up media visits to Kelowna, request images or content for publication, share information on your business or service which may appeal to media, discuss new and noteworthy happenings in Kelowna and area.

Business Development

Jennifer Horsnell, CDME

Director of Business and Destination Development

250.861.1515 ext. 205

Contact Jennifer to: Participate in co-op marketing programs for Meetings & Conventions, discuss your new business or product for the meetings & Conventions market, participate in familiarization tours for Meeting Planners, and receive bid preparation and hosting consultation.

Julia Garner, CMP

Business Development

250.861.1515 ext. 217

Contact Julia to: Arrange a FAM tour or site inspection, discuss logistics for trade show attendance and industry events, request and/or order promotional materials and collateral for your conference or event.

Colin McGuinness

Business Development Sports & Events

250.861.1515 ext. 209

Contact Colin to: discuss new event hosting and funding options, receive assistance with bid preparation and hosting challenges, promote your next sporting event, discuss opportunities to promote your business to the sport event market.

Nicolle Gomez de Sousa

Business Development Consultant - Western Canada & Washington State


Contact Nicolle to: Participate in familiarization tours for Western Canada & Washington State meeting planners, receive bid preparation assistance for planners, and receive hosting consultation for Western Canada & Washington State planners.

Pat Gappmayr

Business Development Consultant - Eastern Canada


Contact Pat to: Participate in familiarization tours for Eastern Canada meeting planners, receive bid preparation assistance for planners, and receive hosting consultation for Eastern Canada planners.

Visitor Experience

Chris Lewis

Director of Visitor Experience

250.861.1515 ext. 207

Contact Chris to: Find out about or discuss Tourism Kelowna's Visitor Experience program, promote your business to in market visitors and local residents, arrange an educational familiarization tour of your business, or to discuss retail opportunities within the Downtown Visitor Centre.

Sydney Solland

Visitor Experience, Operations

250.861.1515 ext. 220

Contact Sydney to: Discuss Tourism Kelowna's Volunteer program, mobile visitor centre, collateral distribution, to arrange destination training for your front line staff, or discuss events and activations within the Downtown Kelowna Visitor Centre.

Hourly Staff: Visitor Experience

Jeanine Yaworski
250-861-1515 ext. 201

Marina Lima
250-861-1515 ext. 201

Alex Loraas
250-861-1515 ext. 201 

Kristin Smart
250-861-1515 ext. 201

Jaclyn Stuart
250-861-1515 ext. 201

Hannah Day
250-861-1515 ext. 201

Tracy Schell
250-861-1515 ext. 201


Our Visitor Experience staff will provide suggestions and ideas (from first-hand knowledge) to assist your Kelowna vacation experience. They will supply you with websites, brochures, maps, directions, and the latest information on attractions and events in Kelowna and the surrounding area. 

To view a list of our wonderful volunteers click here.


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