Outdoor Recreation in Kelowna

We always have a great way to enjoy the outdoors and the multi-faceted beauty of the changing seasons here in Kelowna. Fill the sun-drenched days of summer with paddle boarding or kayaking on Okanagan Lake. Explore the surrounding hillsides and forests by hiking, by bike, or on horseback through our many trails where you can encounter the brilliance of nature just steps from the city and perhaps even some local wildlife.

Your trek is likely to be rewarded with stunning lake views, though none can quite match the spectacular Myra Canyon for a unique, scenic, and historic trail experience accessible to all skill levels. New seasons open up new possibilities with winter’s snow offering a whole array of activities including alpine and cross country skiing, peaceful snowshoe expeditions, lakefront outdoor skating, and exhilarating snow biking.

Trip Ideas for Outdoor Activities

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