Scuba Diving | Okanagan Lake in Kelowna 

Okanagan Lake is approximately 232m/780 ft deep, and 341m/1000ft above sea level.
Best visibility is during the spring, fall, and winter months (15-30 feet)
Very low visibility in the summer (2-5 feet)
Dry suit recommended (exception in summer season depending on depth)

Okanagan Lake has shore and boat dives catering to all levels of divers. Okanagan Lake, 232m at its deepest, has shallower reaches too. Explore rock formations, small caves, overhangs, shelves, and drop offs. See dive sites below. 

Dive sites:

Squally Point: Advanced level site. Legend says that Ogopogo makes his home in the cave here. Only accessible by boat. The cave entrance here is 20 ft deep and is approximately 100 ft off of the point. The beacon is not a marker for the dive site. Entering the cave is extremely hazardous and it is recommended to bring lights and only explore the entrance and surrounding area. The best place to anchor is on the south side of the bay.

Trader's Cove Marine Park: Advanced level site. Close to Bear Creek Park in West Kelowna. Best accessed by boat, however walking is possible but there is a long trek from the parking lot to the beach. Entry is from the north beach on the outer edge of the point. Very steep wall dive.

The Milk Truck/Wilson's Landing: Advanced level site. South of Lake Okanagan Resort, there is a public beach access off of Bancroft Road in West Kelowna. Do not use the dock here, it is privately owned. The milk truck is 100 feet deep. To reach the truck drop straight down and follow a cut in the rock face. Be sure to complete your safety stop. Along the rock wall you may spot some interesting artifacts. Do not remove anything you find.

The Bridge: Advanced level site. Interesting to hear the sounds of traffic crossing the bridge above you while underwater. Be aware of boat traffic and always use a dive flag. Artifacts from construction of the new bridge may be found on the bottom.

The Store @ Okanagan Centre: Beginner level site. Great for those new to scuba diving, some open water practical exams take place here. Located on Okanagan Centre Road West, drive until you find a small beach access with a general store across the street. The hill leading down to water entry is a bit steep but manageable. Parking is very limited, bring a wagon for gear in case you have to trek a distance. Upon entry swim towards the red buoy, and descend straight down. Bottom distance is 40 feet. Left of the line is a dive bell big enough for three or four people inside. Recommended that you remain breathing through your regulator, air inside may be stale. Freshwater clams have been spotted here.

The Barge @ Fintry Park: Beginner level site. Can be accessed by Fintry Delta Road off of Westside Road. Fintry Provincial Park is only open from April 1st - mid-October. The main attraction at this site is a sunken Canadian Pacific Railway Barge. The barge is down about 25 - 60 feet. The structure is mostly intact and the interior can be explored, with caution as it is an enclosed space. Do not remove any artifacts from the site. Water entry is best done from the beach close to campsite #62, look for the path. The dropoff begins 15 feet from shore. Follow the dropoff west to the site. If you head east you will hit the original fruit packing house. Very limited parking.

Caesars Landing: Beginner level site. Can be found off of Westside Road, there is a car wreck at 40 feet. Bring a dive flag. There is a nice rock wall to swim next to.

Paul's Tomb: Beginner level site. Easiest to access by boat, hiking is possible but it is a long way to carry your gear. If you choose to hike drive around Knox Mountain Park on Poplar Point Road. Drop off starts 3-4 meters from the shore. In the bay at around 25 ft you'll find an Ogopogo statue. North of this are two small boat wrecks at 30 ft.

Bertram Creek Park: Beginner level site. Nice picnic tables here to rest your gear on while you get set up. Recommended that you bring a wagon to carry your equipment to the shore. There are First Nations' fire pits located around 30-45 feet at the north end of the park, and there is a rock wall at the south end of the park.

Lake Okanagan Resort: Beginner level site. The site is close to the northern small marina, with entry from the shore. There is a submerged wreck, and a plastic craft along the rock wall. Best time to dive here is any season except the summer, when there is less boat traffic. Always carry a dive flag.

Rattlesnake Island: Advanced level site. Close to Peachland on the Eastern side of the lake, can only be accessed by boat. There are points to anchor at the southern cove point of the island or on the northern side shallows. Dive sites are located on the west side of the island. Small caves, drop offs, and rock formations are the main attractions.

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