Kelowna Hiking Trails

Love hiking or walking in the great outdoors?  Hit the trails and enjoy the sites of hiking in the Okanagan Valley. The trails and parks below range in level from easy to difficult. For questions or for more information contact the Kelowna Visitor Centre. 

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Below are a few of our favourite hiking trails grouped by area:


Angel Springs
Moderate; 4 km (one way)
The trail to Angel Springs is 4 km one way.  Though the springs aren’t for bathing, the geological formations and mineral deposits are an interesting sight.  The trail-head is located on the east side of Little White Forest Service Road at kilometre four.  To reach the trail-head from Kelowna, take K.L.O. Road to McCulloch Road then to June Springs Road follow June Springs Road to Little White Forestry Service Road.

Bertram Creek Regional Park
Easy walking trails - Dogs not allowed.
Drive down Pandosy Street, which changes names to Lakeshore Road.   Continue on Lakeshore Road just past Cedar Creek Winery and you will see the parking sign.  (Before Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park). The park is 18 hectares along the Shore of Okanagan Lake and has various walking trails, swimming areas and an area for boats.

Big White Mountain
Difficult; Varied Terrain & Distances
Take Hwy 33 out of Kelowna to the Big White turnoff. Drive to the parking lot at Big White Ski Resort and park there. You can walk up the Alpine area of the mountain. The best time of the year for this hike is August to see the Alpine flowers. Be sure to bring your camera along for the scenic spots, including those around Rhonda Lake. The maximum elevation is 7,158 feet (2,151 metres). #bigwhite #summerbigwhite #hikebiggie

Brandt’s Creek / Glenmore Valley Linear Park
Easy; 1 km (one way) - Dogs not allowed 
The park can be entered on Valley Road on the east side of Glenmore Drive, or on the west side of Glenmore Drive on Biggar Road.  To enter the park  on Valley Road from downtown Kelowna, take Glenmore Drive to Yates; turn right on Yates.  There is no parking on Valley Road so you should park on Yates Road and walk around the corner to the bird sanctuary on Valley Road where the park entrance is located.  

Cedar Mountain Park - Kelowna Crags 
Head south from downtown on Pandosy Street, which changes names to Lakeshore Road. Stay straight at the fork on to Chute Lake Road. Once on the gravel road, go about 7 km and watch for an old dirt road on the right. Take this road to an old sawmill site and park. About 1/2 km after you cross the creek past the old cabin, cliffs will come into view on your left. You can hike down to the bottom of the cliffs (about 300 feet high). The trail leads up to the cliff top at the north end. Depending on where you left your car, it's about a 6.5 km walk. The view from the cliff top is beautiful, at about 2,500 feet. This area is very popular for climbing & bouldering.

Crawford Falls / Canyon Falls Park
Difficult; 1 - 2 km - Dogs allowed on leash
Crawford Falls is located on Bellevue Creek. It can be reached by the following: Gordon Drive to Dehart Road; Dehart Road to Crawford Road; Crawford road to Westridge Drive. Turn on to Canyon Ridge Crescent and finally to Canyon Falls Court, which is a dead end. You will see a Kelowna City Parks trail that you can follow to a beautiful waterfall.To get to the lower falls takes about 20 minutes but is quite difficult. Once there you will see 20 foot falls. If you continue about 10 more minutes you will see the larger falls (40 feet).  

Before you go, be advised that this is a very steep, advanced level hike. Staff are currently working to establish a safer trail to the bottom. Hikers should also be aware that parking is limited in Canyon Falls Court.

Hikers should also be aware that parking is very limited in Canyon Falls Court. Cars parked less than 3 metres from driveways will be ticketed and/or towed. There is additional parking on adjacent streets such as Canyon Ridge Crescent, Westridge Drive, and Stewart Road West.

Dilworth Mountain
Easy; 1 – 3 km
Access from Hwy 97 heading north by turning left on Spall Road; this turns into Glenmore Drive. You will turn right at the lights for Summit Drive, climb the steep hill and turn right on Chilcotin Court, you will see a parking lot on your right hand side. Dilworth mountain can be seen from almost any location in Kelowna and offers some of the best views of the city. 

High Rim Trail
Difficult; 55 km – six trail-heads
There are six different access points for this trail. The main access from Kelowna is Philpott Road and Highway 33. With six different access points along the trail you can easily break it up into much shorter hikes, varying from 6 to 12 km. The final trail-head in the north is at the Cosens Bay parking lot in Kalamalka Provincial Park. There is close to 700 metres in elevation gain.

Kettle Valley Railway 
This is an easy hike with a gorgeous view of Myra Canyon. There are several access points:
1) Myra: Follow K.L.O. Road to McCulloch Road, which you follow past the pavement. About 2 km after the pavement ends on the right is the Myra Forest Service Road.  Follow this road for 8 km to the parking lot. The first trestle is a few hundred metres away.
2) June Springs: Follow K.L.O. Road to McCulloch Road and go right onto June Springs Road. June Springs Road turns into Little White Forest Service Road. The first trestle is 2 km away.
3) Chute Lake: Follow Lakeshore Road south from Kelowna and go straight onto Chute Lake Road.  Turn left onto Hedeman Road and right onto Gillard Forest Service Road.  The KVR crosses but looks like another dirt road. **Please be advised that signage in the area is poor.

Knox Mountain
Moderate to Difficult; 1 – 5 km - Dogs allowed on leash 
Take Ellis Street north all the way to the end to reach the park entrance.  Parking is at the bottom of the mountain, at mid point (crown lookout), and at the top.  Most trails are accessible from the entrance on Ellis Street.  Many of these trails have a steep incline. When you reach the top you will get some amazing views of the City and the valley

Paul’s Tomb @ Knox Mountain
Easy to Moderate; 3 km (round trip) - Dogs allowed on leash
The access for Paul’s Tomb is the same as Knox Mountain. Paul’s Tomb is a beautiful hike with very little incline and gives you some extraordinary  views of the lake. Paul was an Okanagan Pioneer who owned the land at Paul’s Tomb, this is a great area to have a picnic.

Mill Creek Regional Park
Easy to Moderate; various distances - Dogs allowed on leash
Mill Creek Regional Park is 15.3 hectares in the Ellison area, east of the Kelowna Airport. A beautiful cool and quiet trail system follows Mill Creek into the falls.Hikers enjoy the park on their daily walk with their pets or a family can enjoy a picnic in the shade of the Black Cottonwood trees by the creek. Most of the trail is very flat and easy, parts are a little rougher with roots and rocky sections. Naturalists can enjoy the wildlife found searching for food and water or hiding in the underbrush.

Mission Creek Regional Park 
Moderate to Difficult; various distances - Dogs allowed on leash 
There are some easy hiking trails throughout the park.  To access the park from downtown Kelowna; take Hwy 97 to Dilworth Drive and turn right on to Dilworth Drive.  Turn left at Springfield Road, continue a short distance and turn right into Mission Creek Regional Park.

Mission Creek Greenway
Moderate to Difficult; 16 km – Dogs allowed on leash
The access is the same as the Mission Creek Regional Park and there is ample parking available. The Greenway is perfect for cycling, jogging, running and walking. There are two phases of the trail. The first phase is the most used portion of the trail while the second phase is great there are portions of it that are not accessible by bike due to stairs, further toward the end of the trail.

Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park
Moderate to Difficult; Various distances (Ask the Tourism Kelowna staff for a map and more information).
Access for the park is via Pandosy Road (which turns into Lakeshore Road) follow it for 15 km to the parking area. The road carries on past the parking area but it goes through private property and there is no parking available. The Park itself offers a wide range of hiking and walk in camping options with over 23 different hikes ranging from 2 to 10 km. 

Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park  (Crawford Trails)
Moderate to Difficult; Various distances
The main access point is off Stewart Road East. From downtown turn right off Hwy 97 onto Gordon Drive then turn right on Casorso Road, through the round about it turns into Saucier Road, follow this until you turn right on Stewart Road East. Please note that due to the fire that went through this area we strongly recommend that you stay on the main trails. 

Stephens Coyote Ridge
Easy to Moderate; 1 – 2 km - Dogs allowed on leash.
The access is located along north Glenmore Road at the parking area for the 2nd dog park. There are several hiking trails and a vast wetlands within the park. It is largely untouched by weeds and is pristine habitat for wildlife, including coyotes, as the name suggest, so do use caution. 

Scenic Canyon Regional Park (Layer Cake Mountain)
Moderate; 4 km - Dogs allowed on leash.
Open in spring, summer, and fall during daylight hours
Scenic Canyon Regional Park's parking lot is located at the end of Field Road. Take McCulloch Road to Field Road.  The parking lot entrance is just before the Gallaghers Golf Course subdivision entrance. This park has many great features, including geological formations, cultural sites and rock ovens used by Chinese Labourers. 

Waterfront Boardwalk
Easy; 2 km – Dogs allowed on leash.
Parking is available in various locations in the downtown and at City Park.  The waterfront area is a beautiful location to go for a short walk and enjoy the scenery of Okanagan Lake. The trail connects to  the Rotary Marshes Wildlife park where it is not uncommon to see a heron, beavers or eagles flying over.



Barkley Road
Easy; 6km
Hike between Lake Pine and Carr's Landing firehall. Very gentle grade, gravel roadway with scenic views. Use caution and be aware of local traffic. 

Chase Road
Moderate to Difficult; various distances 
1) Glenmore Road to Okanagan Centre Road West. Rudimentary gravel pathway through forested area; moderate grades, approximately 1 km.
2) Okanagan Centre Road West to Dick Road; follow west fence line of gravel pit. Rudimentary gravel path, steep grade, approximately 0.5 km.  

East Hill
Easy; 1 km
End of paves section of Easthill Road. This dirt path has gentle grades and borders private orchards. Please respect signs & fences while enjoying the scenic views of local orchards.  

Glacier Glades
Moderate to Difficult; various distances 
Kalamalka Provincial park is located at the north end of Kalamalka lake which is a beautiful lake. There are several walks you can take through bunchgrass meadow, along cliffs and through the Douglas firs overlooking Kal Lake. There are also a few beaches in the area, perfect to dip into on a sunny day.

Oceola Trail
Moderate; < 1 km
Widened deer paths in forested area. Access adjacent to Lake Country Church. 

Okanagan Centre Road West
Moderate; 4 km 
Scenic walk between Camp Road and Finch Road. Beachside trail under development.

Oyama Isthmus
Easy; 2 km
Scenic walk along Oyama Road between Highway 97 and Sawmill Road. Watch for traffic. Views of both Wood Lake and Kalamalka Lake as you walk between the two lakes.  

Ribbleworth Trail
Easy; 2 km
Easy hike through the fields and forest, following a gazetted roadway connecting Ribbleworth Road to Broadwater Road. Parking available at the end of Ribbleworth Road.  

Sixth Street
Moderate; 1 km 
Hike from Maddock Road to Hare Road. Parking is available on Fifth Street.

Spion Kopje Mountain Trails
Difficult; 10 km 
The trail to the peak of the Spion Kopje mountain is a difficult incline. If you are up for the challenge, follow a pathway through ponderosa pine and bunch grass to spectacular & unique views of the entire Okanagan valley. Parking available at the end of Lake Hill Drive.



Bear Creek Provincial Park
Moderate; 3.5 km (loop) Dogs allowed on leash. 
The hike has three well marked loops that all begin at the common trail head. The routes range from a 15 minute loop trail to the 1.4 km Mid Canyon Trail and the longest is the Canyon Rim Trail at 2.5 km.  To reach the park from downtown Kelowna, take Hwy 97 south across the bridge; turn right on Westside Road and follow the signs to the Provincial Park. 

Blue Grouse Mountain 
Moderate to difficult; 8 km
Take Hwy. 97 south of Kelowna and the first right after the bridge onto Westside Road to the junction with Bear Creek Main by Traders Cove.  Turn left on Bear Creek Main and follow it for about 3 km. Look for a sign that says "Grouse Mountain No. 1" on the right. Park near the sign and follow the main trail to the top.  The elevation gain is approximately 500 metres.

Christie Falls 
Moderate ; 1.3 km
Take Bear Creek FSR off of Westside Road for about 13 km. Right on Esperon Main FSR; drive to the 24km mark and take a right on Christie FSR. The road to the falls was the 3rd left on Christie FSR (it was passed the 27km marker), and there was a tiny sign that said “To Christie Falls” It was probably about 2 km down this road where you reach a dead end and the trail leads from there. The trail to the top of the falls was fairly easy (slight downhill) and only took about 15 minutes. The hike down to the falls was a bit more challenging; the trail has climbing rope all the way down since it is rather steep.

Fintry Provincial Park
Moderate to Difficult; 2 – 3 km - Dogs allowed on lead                                                                               
Fintry can be accessed by turning on Fintry Delta Road off of Westside Road. approximately 34 km north of the junction of Westside Road and Hwy 97. Shorts Creek Gorge is a maintained trail that leads you through a gorge up about 400 stairs to a beautiful series of waterfalls.

Gellatly Heritage Nut Farm
Easy – Dogs not allowed 
The Gellatly Nut Farm is located on the Westside of Okanagan Lake on Gellatly Road.  To access the park from downtown Kelowna, take Hwy 97 across the bridge, turn left on Boucherie Road. Continue past The Cove Resort, turn left at Whitworth Road and it is a very short drive to the entrance to the nut farm.   

Gellatly Heritage Regional Park 
Easy - A short interpretive trail - Dogs allowed on leash.
Gellatly Road from Highway 97 S. At the Glen Rosa interchange on Highway 97 turn south and follow Gellatly Road until the parking lot on the right hand side.

Glen Canyon Regional Park
There are two different sections to the Glen Canyon Regional Park.
1) Glen Canyon North can be accessed by following Webber road; there is a small parking lot at the intersection of Webber and Aberdeen Roads. Go to the eastern end of Aberdeen Road. Further up Webber Road, with Coventry road being the cross street is the other access point at Last Mountain Neighbourhood Park where there is another small parking area.
- The hike is moderate to difficult and spans over 4 km with approximately 70 metre of elevation gain.
2) Glen Canyon South has two access points: either next to the Holiday Inn on Hebert Road or along Gellatly Road near the mailboxes by Glen Canyon Drive.
- The south section is a moderate (stairs) hike with approximately 50 metres of elevation gain over 0.5kms of trails. 


Hardy Falls Regional Park Easy; 2 km (round trip)
South of Peachland on Hwy 97 across from Antler’s Beach. Turn onto Hardy Road and follow up one block. Parking is on the opposite side of the trail-head access point. This is an easy and pleasant walk on a flat, well maintained trail.

Kalamoir Park
Moderate; 1 - 3 km - Dogs allowed on leash but not on the beach                                                                        
To access Kalamoir Park from downtown Kelowna take Hwy 97 across the bridge; turn left on Boucherie Road, then turn left on Ogden Road, right on Thacker Road; right on Collins Hill Road.  Follow Collins Hill Road into the park.

Mt. Boucherie / Eain Lamont Park
Moderate to Difficult; 1 - 4 km (round trip)
From Hwy 97 turn onto Hudson. Turn on Guidi Road, right on Trevor Drive which turns into Lakeview cove Rd. The road will come to a t-intersection, turn right and follow up. Access to the park is easy to miss as it looks like a private driveway with a sign set well back. This mountain is an extinct volcano which is over 50 million years old. Parts of the trail are quite easy while other parts are more difficult.     

McDougall Rim Trail
Difficult; 20+ km 
Going north in Westbank on Hwy 97 turn left on Bartley Rd. Follow the road straight to a gravel road, you will be on private property for 2km. Park on the right just before the cattleguard and the trail starts here. This trail climbs gradually for the first hour on a rocky, dusty trail. Once you get to the first viewpoint of Okanagan Lake, kelowna and the floating bridge the trail continues and the viewpoints only get better.                                                                                                            

Rotary Trails
Easy; 1 km - Dogs allowed on lead                                                                               
Accessed on Gellatly Road across from the West Kelowna Yacht Club. There are a network of trails and bridges that follow and cross Powers Creek. This is a great area for bird watching and also a fantastic spot to see Kokanee in the Creek.

Rose Valley Regional Park
Moderate; 6 km (round trip) - Dogs allowed on leash.
Hiking and excellent locations for naturalist activities such as bird watching  are at the pond or on the grassland plateau. The main access to the park is from Westlake Road near the pond and Rose Valley Elementary School.

Shannon Lake Regional Park
Easy; 2 km - Dogs allowed on leash.                                                                               
The park can be accessed from Shannon Lake Road or from the small walkways that link the park to the adjoining neighbourhood. Turn right off Highway 97 South onto Bartley Road, turn left onto Shannon Lake Road.  The park is on the right hand side and is great for a leisurely stroll.

Steve Pipe Trail
Moderate to Difficult; 4 km loop – Dogs allowed on  leash                                                                          
From Hwy 97 turn on to Clements Crescent and park at the school. The trail begins at the southeast corner of Peachland Elementary and follows the left side of the fence to the end of the school yard. About 70 metres past the school turn left and follow the orange trail markets (#1). This trail goes up past the ruins of the first hydro electric plant that powered Peachland in the early 1900s. The Canyon Lookout and the Trepanier Power Dam are nearby. 

Trepanier Forest
Moderate to Difficult; 6 km loop – Dogs allowed on leash                                                                               
From Hwy 97 turn onto Ponderosa Drive. Trailhead is located on Pincushion Place off of 6th Avenue. Hikers will follow yellow markers (#2) along Trepanier Creek up to the Forest Service Road. There are several steep sections. You will enjoy some spectacular views of the valley.

Pincushion Mountain
Difficult; 4 km (round trip) 
From Hwy 97 turn onto Ponderosa Drive and follow it until almost the end. You will see the private driveway of “Chateau on the Ridge.” You can park at the bottom of the private drive and hike 100 metres up the driveway to the trail-head. The trail is a steady climb with several rest stops and views on the way up. Follow the red markers carefully as there are many small animal trails that can lead you astray.