Kelowna Weather 

The weather in Kelowna is one reason why so many of our visitors become residents. Warm summers characterized by low humidity along with relatively mild winters mean Kelowna's weather is envied by much of Canada!

Come summer the Okanagan heat makes trips to one of our many beaches and parks a popular activity. Explore Kelowna's rich and diverse farm to table scene in the fall and grab your skis and snowboards for fun in Kelowna's mild winter. 

Monthly Temperatures




1 C / 33 F

-6 C / 22 F


4 C / 39  F

-5 C / 23 F


10 C / 48 F

-2 C / 28 F


16 C / 61 F

1 C / 34 F


20 C / 68 F

5 C / 41 F


24 C / 75 F

9 C / 48 F


28 C / 82F

11 C / 52 F


28 C / 82 F

11 C/52 F


22 C / 71 F

6 C / 43 F


13 C / 56 F

1 C / 34 F


6 C / 42 F

-2 C / 27 F


1 C / 34 F

-6 C / 21 F

Looking for some outdoor fun while you are in Kelowna? Check out our #exploreKelowna Blog's Outdoor Fun section.

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