Legend of Ogopogo

It’s a snake. It’s a horse. It’s a goat. No, it’s Ogopogo!

Before European settlers came to the Okanagan Valley, the First Nations spoke of “N’ha-a-itk”, a fierce lake monster that resided at Squally Point, 20 kilometres south of the city of Kelowna. In 1924, a little song was composed about the lake monster who was given the name, “Ogopogo”.

Over the generations, the legend gained credibility as more and more sightings were reported.

Descriptions vary, but certain characteristics have been repeated through the decades: Ogopogo is green with a snakelike body about 25 meters long.  Some say its head looks like a horse, while others say that it’s reptilian or goat-like.  Many even claim to have photographed Ogopogo. The pictures have always been inconclusive.

Look for our resident lake creature among the waves or simply visit the Ogopogo statue in City Park.