We produce our complex organic cider with depth and integrity. The best organic apple varieties are chosen, that are stored in controlled atmosphere giving a flavour like no other cider. Our production facility and tasting room is on our own Certified Organic Farm (SunReal Organics)in Kelowna, BC where we are committed to environmental sustainability and biodiversity. Not only do we use our own organic apples, but we also incorporate our own organic fruit and fruit from other farmers in the area.

We are proud and excited to present to you Kelowna's first Organic Cider.

We hope you enjoy both the flavour and the authenticity.

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Feb 24

Upside Cider Drag Show

February 24, 2024

Upside Cider & Farm Market

Get turned upside down at this intimate drag show. Let three of the most recognized drag queens in the valley take you...