Looking for a different way to explore Kelowna’s wine scene? Read on for a list of personal recommendations of local wineries that are unique, unconventional, and like to push the boundaries when it comes to the winery experience.


Meadow Vista Honey Wines

Bee Hives at Meadow Vista Honey Wines 2
Photo: Ken Hagen

Have you ever tried honey wine? Neither had I until I visited Meadow Vista Honey Wines. Now it’s one of my go-to's! Meadow Vista loves to create wines that taste like “nature in a glass” while doing their part to help the honeybees. If you’re in the East Kelowna area, make sure to pop into Meadow Vista. Here you can enjoy the artisan bee farm, bistro, and wine shop. They also have a gift shop stocked full of bee-inspired products that would make amazing Mother’s Day gifts.

Mead, aka honey wine, is made by fermenting honey instead of grapes. My personal favourite is the Cloud Horse traditional style mead. It’s super light and crisp, making it the perfect beverage for the warmer spring days. The flavour and aroma profile offers a mix of honey, clover, and beeswax which pair beautifully with light pasta or fish. Meadow Vista has a goal of producing the best honey wines possible while supporting the local bee friends- and I think they’re doing a pretty good job at it!

Viewing Bee Hive at Meadow Vista Honey Wines
Photo: Ken Hagen

Recurring daily from now until May 10, Meadow Vista will be hosting Blossoms & Bites: Springtime Meadery Luncheon for 2! Take in the spring sunshine while you and a friend enjoy a Charcuterie Bento lunch, brownie, and wine flights. Afterwards, go on a self-guided bee tour or play lawn games on the farm. An ideal way to spend a spring afternoon!


Summerhill Pyramid Winery

Summerhill Pyramid Winery
Photo: Ken Hagen

No, it’s not just a fun name, there really is a pyramid on the winery grounds of Summerhill Pyramid Winery! The unique architecture combined with sustainable wines, an organic bistro, an immense tasting room, and BC’s first biodynamic vineyard, are some of the exact reasons that make it one of the most visited wineries in Canada. Located in the Upper Mission, you will also get a gorgeous view of Okanagan Lake while you explore this unconventional winery.

Summerhill Pyramid Winery prides itself on creating wines that are from an organic and certified biodynamic vineyard. They redefine the art of winemaking by encouraging nature to maintain balance within the vines and grow quality grapes, which eventually end up as delicious wine! The artwork on the wine label of Summerhill’s 2021 Alive Organic White was what initially caught my attention. After tasting the blend of refreshing lime, pink ladyapple, and melon, I was immediately impressed. It’s light on the palate, yet still vibrant and full of flavour.

Dining on Patio at Summerhill Pyramid Bistro 2
Photo: Ken Hagen

For free, you can pop into the pyramid and check out the interior. If you’re still curious about the winery’s pyramid, I’d encourage you to book a Pyramid Experience Tour. The tour includes an in-depth tour and history lesson of the pyramid, grape growing & sparkling wine knowledge, and a wine tasting. If this sounds like your kind of winery experience, you can book a tour here. Just looking for a tasting? The wine shop is open 7 days a week, year-round- no reservations required!


The Vibrant Vine

Wine Tasting at The Vibrant Vine Winery 2
Photo: Ken Hagen

An afternoon filled with art and wine? Sign me up! Look no further than The Vibrant Vine Winery, nestled within the orchards of East Kelowna. After receiving a pair of 3D glasses, you can fully immerse yourself in the tasting room filled with 3D art while sipping award-winning wines. Even the wine bottle labels are covered in 3D art! There’s also a large outdoor space for outdoor events and concerts.

Celebrate the vibrant flavours of spring with Vibrant Vine’s Rose 2022. This Rose is clean, refreshing, and light. Its light blush colour matches its delightful flavours of sweet strawberry and tart rhubarb. It’s the perfect drink to pack for a picnic or even just relaxing on the patio. The well-rounded flavour profile of this rose means that it can be paired with a variety of dishes, such as Margherita pizza or lobster.

Wine Trails Profile Image

Vibrant Vine boasts a roster of fun events for you to experience! From live music to afternoon tea, from yoga classes to watercolour painting workshops, there truly is something for everyone. I’ve attended a few of the yoga classes and loved the unique experience. To learn more and purchase tickets to upcoming events, visit their Events Page. There’s also a schedule of upcoming live music and concerts that can be found here. Grab a group of friends and plan a fun day of spring activities and wine at the Vibrant Vine.


Sandhill Wines

Sandhill Wines

Want to visit a winery before your dinner plans in Downtown Kelowna? Or maybe grab an after-work glass of wine upon leaving the office? You can do just that at Sandhill Winery - BC’s oldest winery location. Conveniently located in the heart of downtown, this is the only urban winery in Kelowna. Plan to visit their Urban Tasting room and taste a collection of truly distinct and one-of-a-kind wines.

Sandhill uses a Small Lot approach when it comes to many of their wines. Small Lot wines are made from grapes that are hand-tended and harvested from individual “Blocks” within single vineyards. This results in healthier crops with more ripeness and higher flavour concentration. Sandhill’s small lot portfolio features Syrah, Viognier, Malbec, and more! If I had to choose one, I’d pick the Sandhill Small Lot Viognier 2021 VQA. With flavours of peach, tropical fruits, and floral notes, plus aromatics of spring blossoms and honeysuckle, your tastebuds will be delighted.

2023, July, Summer,
Photo: Shawn Talbot Photography

Make Sandhill your next happy hour spot! Happy Hour at Sandhill Urban Winery recurs weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Here you can enjoy $6 glasses of their high-quality wines and a selection of light food items to snack on. If you’re looking for something a bit more, Sandhill hosts many events, including live jazz, dinners, and educational wine chats with Sandhill’s winemaker! See a full list of their events here.


Enjoy all of what Kelowna's wineries have to offer safely. Guided wine tours unlock hidden gems, exclusive tastings, and chats with winemakers. Local experts craft itineraries to your taste, share insider info, and handle the navigation. Book your stress-free exploration and discover Kelowna's wineries like a pro. View our in-depth list of wine tour companies here.

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