Tourism Kelowna's marketing and communication activities run throughout the year. Using a combination of paid media (advertising), earned media (travel media and public relations), owned media (website, e-mail marketing, blogs), and shared media (social media and content), we promote the destination across all months and seasons. 

Our advertising plan is an important layer of our marketing and communication strategy. Our budget for paid advertising cannot cover all months and markets, so we must decide each year where and when to make placements. In 2024, our paid marketing efforts will remain domestic, with a dedicated advertising campaign in the spring and paid advertising tactics in the fall. These paid advertisements are in addition to our many marketing tactics that run throughout the year. 

Our spring campaign will run in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario and includes video ads that will run online and on streaming TV platforms, custom content, digital online ads, social media ads, and search advertising. The campaign will run starting March 4 and through to May long weekend and includes tactics which are considered high-up in the consumer funnel (where the ads aim to inspire visitors to think about a vacation in Kelowna), mid-funnel (where the ads aim to help the visitor plan their trip), and low-funnel (where the ads push the visitor to book their trip). 

The campaign creative shows off what travellers are searching for in spring—a great getaway with easy outdoor adventure, great food and wine options, and a variety of spring activities. When our campaigns are in market, our media agency monitors the performance of ads and recommends adjustments and optimizations to increase their reach and performance. 

Here is a small selection of the spring creative: 

Social Media Story Ads

Photo of spring ads

Social Media Carousel Ads
Photo of spring ads

Digital Display Banner Ads
Photo of spring adsPhoto of Spring ads

30s Video Ad

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