Last fall, we partnered with the District of Lake Country and the City of West Kelowna to start work on a collaborative marketing campaign inviting people to explore more in the Central Okanagan.   

To create the campaign assets, we hosted Mirae Campbell and Nathaniel Atakora Martin, photographers with a strong social media following, and filmed them as they explored Kelowna, West Kelowna, and Lake Country. Throughout their visit, Mirae and Nathaniel shared their experiences in real-time through Instagram stories. The video footage captured during their visit was used to create the video below, showcasing our region through their eyes, and showing their genuine wonder and surprise as they dug deeper and went behind the scenes to discover the communities, people, and businesses that make up the Central Okanagan. The stylization of the video, with Mirae and Nathaniel's authentic emotions captured, creates an intimate and unique view of their trip, which seeks to incite a positive emotional response from the viewer, inspiring them to plan their own visit to explore the region. 


The full-length video and shorter excerpts from the series will be used for social media and YouTube advertising as part of our fall 2022 marketing campaign, targeting potential visitors from across BC and Alberta. The advertising will encourage visitors to go beyond the surface and take their time to discover what makes Lake Country, Kelowna, and West Kelowna so special.

The collaborative campaign, which was made possible thanks to Destination BC's 2021/22 Coop Marketing Program funding, will continue with the release of additional videos in the spring of 2023. The goal of the campaign is to increase visitation and local spending in the shoulder seasons, thereby supporting area businesses and contributing positively to tourism's economic impact on the region. 

If you have any questions about this collaborative project, please contact me at