Tourism Kelowna recently attended the annual Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC) Conference, which was held in St. John’s, Newfoundland, from June 12 to 16. The event marked the 30th anniversary of the conference and drew a record attendance of 260 delegates from all over Canada and North America.

The conference included a two-day Media Marketplace, which allowed me to meet one-on-one with over 20 key media members. These include writers from the Vancouver Sun, Toronto Star, Post Media, Lonely Planet, and various bloggers across Canada. During these one-on-one appointments, I showcased what Kelowna and the area offer, highlighting some of our 2024 content focuses, such as outdoor exploration, accessibility, and the culinary, wine, and craft beverage scene.

Feedback from the media expressed a desire to return to Canadian travel after a busy few years of international visitation. The stories I pitched to highlight Kelowna as a four-season destination with year-round experiences—birding, cycling, self-propelled travel, and local harvest and culinary—were trending topics aligned with what writers want to cover right now.

Tourism Kelowna commends the TMAC team and welcoming hosts Destination St. John’s for a successful conference, which offered multiple opportunities to meet with travel media, attend personal development sessions, and connect with fellow destinations to see what is happening around Canada and North America.

If you have stories you would like Tourism Kelowna to consider showcasing to travel media, please send me all the details at