As Tourism Kelowna's social media channels and content needs grow, it's important to showcase our region through different mediums, as well as from a local point of view, so that's why we've launched the #exploreKelowna Creator Program.

Our team is now working with talented content creators from in and around Kelowna who have already been sharing fresh and diverse perspectives of our communities. By leveraging the stories and images being shared, we're able to reach new audiences, fill content gaps, and provide third-party perspectives to our audiences and visitors. 

The #exploreKelowna Creators have varying areas of interest and share content in different ways. We'll be working with the 2022 Creators to create Reels, TikTok videos, photos, longer format video, blog posts, and more. Below is a round-up of our 2022 creators:

Interested in working with the #exploreKelowna Content Creators to share information about your business to their channels and ours? Reach out!  Email me at and we can discuss content needs and which of the creators may be the best fit.