Kelowna is brimming with creative locals who share their love for the city every single day. This local love inspired the #exploreKelowna Creator Program, which connects talented storytellers through our organization to showcase unique perspectives of our region's hidden gems and iconic experiences to visitors and residents.

Launched in 2022, the program allows creatives within the Central Okanagan to amplify their voices, perspectives, and styles, capturing the essence of our vibrant region. In 2024, the program is collaborating with five local creators, each bringing a diverse array of interests and creative lenses. The goal is to create opportunities for these creators to collaborate, connect, and grow within the Central Okanagan community.

Introducing our 2024 #exploreKelowna Creators:


Benjamin Walker - @localsince1908

Benjamin Walker Headshot

Our region comes alive through the lens of Benjamin Walker, a local creator capturing visceral images that showcase Kelowna and its surrounding communities in an entirely new way. His photo sets tell a visual story of the area and its deep connection to the land.

"I'm excited to share the essence of my photography and what resonates best with my audience," says Benjamin. "I focus on capturing honest, candid moments that tell a story, with a passion for the outdoors and showcasing the beauty of our community. I feel most at ease around people, capturing genuine interactions and the essence of the environment."

  • Content Focus: Photography
    • "I thrive on outdoor photography, community stories, and working closely with people in natural settings. I aim to create images that inspire and connect."
  • Niche/Themes:
    • Benjamin is passionate about potential projects that "showcase the uniqueness of our community, from local events to everyday life. These projects help foster a deeper appreciation and pride among community members."
  • Audience: 
    • Benjamin's content centers on real, unposed moments that convey authenticity and narrative, especially in outdoor settings.
    • "My audience appreciates my natural approach, integrating people and their environments to create organic, relatable images. The candid moments I capture often evoke a sense of connection."

To work with Benjamin, you can message him on Instagram or connect via email.  To view Benjamin's work, click here.

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Emily Harrison - @emilydharrison

Emily at Paynter's Fruit Market

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and stumbled upon pictures that made you want to pack your bags and move immediately? If Kelowna's beauty has ever called to you, you've probably seen Emily Harrison's captivating images. But Emily isn't just a tourist; she's a local content creator who's found a way to turn her Okanagan adventures into a stunning online presence.

  • Content Focus: Short-form video (Reels) and posts (images)
    • "I specialize in crafting engaging Instagram Reels and posts within the vibrant lifestyle niche. I find immense joy in curating visually stunning and informative content that resonates with my audience. My content is candid, authentic, and visually pleasing."
  • Niche/Themes:
    • Emily's content revolves around showcasing captivating weekend guides that encompass diverse outdoor adventures, wellness pursuits, culinary delights, and advocacy for local businesses.
    • "What truly ignites my passion is the exploration of new experiences and sharing those discoveries with my followers. Whether embarking on a scenic hike, indulging in a farm-to-table dining experience, or unwinding at a local wellness retreat, I'm committed to delivering content that inspires and motivates others to embrace life's adventures."
  • Audience:
    • "By staying true to my passion for authenticity and discovery, my goal is to cultivate a community of people who share a zest for exploring and savouring life's simple pleasures."

To work with Emily, you can message her on Instagram or connect via email. To view Emily's work, click here.

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Jason Chan - @nothingbutjason

Jason Chan (@nothingbutjason)

Kelowna's heart beats a little stronger thanks to Jason Chan, a.k.a. Nothing But Jason. This passionate content creator uses his storytelling and videography to celebrate the local businesses and hidden gems that define the Central Okanagan.

"I am a big advocate for community. Although Kelowna is a city, I think it is small enough that people know each other," says Jason. "The sense that everyone is there for each other really brings out the best of what Kelowna has to offer."

This sense of community resonates most with Jason, and it's a feeling he actively promotes through his content.

  • Content Focus: Videography and short-form video
    • Jason has a passion for storytelling and video production, with a background in acting.
  • Niche/Themes: 
    • Jason's content highlights the heart and soul of Kelowna—the businesses and people who make the city special. He finds inspiration in the everyday experiences of living in the Okanagan. This local focus allows him to share their stories in an authentic and engaging way. 
    • "There are many amazing businesses in the community and I want to shine a light on their efforts. Living in Kelowna, I see all these people every day, they are my friends and neighbours. Everyone has an interesting story, and I want to help them tell it."
  • Audience:
    • Jason's content targets the local community and those looking for things to do, places to eat, and events.

To work with Jason, you can message him on Instagram, connect via email, or visit his website. To view Jason's work, click here.

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Jensen Kentel - @jensenkentel

Jensen Kentel Local Creator Program

Feeling major FOMO after scrolling through Kelowna content on Instagram or TikTok? Jensen, a local creator whose recommendations are constantly popping up on feeds, might be one reason why. She inspires countless users to explore all the exciting things Kelowna offers.

"What I love so much about Kelowna is the endless outdoor adventures and unique local restaurants with delicious food and drink to enjoy," exclaims Jensen. "I believe the combination of enjoying nature and a good restaurant is the recipe for a perfect Kelowna day!"

  • Content Focus: Short-form videos (Reels) and posts (images)
    • "As a full-time creator and social media strategist, I love to use my skill set to create compelling and unique social media campaigns for my clients."
  • Niche/Themes:
    • Jensen focuses on things to do, the foodie/craft beverage scene, and outdoor adventure.
    • "I am super passionate about sharing my experiences and encouraging others to get out and explore! From restaurants and cafes to nightlife, events or even a weekend shopping trip or spa day... I love to inspire my audience to get out and explore our community for themselves."
  • Audience:
    • Jensen specializes in showcasing experiences to my audience through storytelling. 
    • "When I create content, I want my audience to feel like they were there with me!"

To work with Jensen, you can message her on Instagram, connect via email, or visit her website. To view Jensen's work, click here for Instagram or here for TikTok.

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Samantha Hill - @explorethemap_

Samantha Cullen (@explorethemap_)

As the creative mind behind Explore the Map, a blog and Instagram page dedicated to hiking and exploring, Samantha is a great guide to uncovering the best hikes and local favourites of Kelowna. Explore the Map is a platform dedicated to showcasing the beauty of the Okanagan, and Samantha's passion for the region is contagious. Her content will inspire you to immediately lace up your hiking boots and get out and explore.

  • Content Focus: Short-form videos (Reels), posts (images), and blogs
    •  "I create written blog posts about the experience, Instagram Reels (which can also be shared on YouTube and TikTok, but those are not my priority platforms), and Instagram carousels."
  • Niche/Themes:
    • Sam's niche is all things outdoors.
    • "The content that aligns best with me is low-key, down-to-earth, and not overly stylized. I would love to showcase more itinerary-style content, which would open up room to include restaurants (for example, after hiking at *trail name*, go for a burger at *restaurant*).
  • Audience: 
    • Activities relating to the outdoors—paddle boarding, kayaking, ziplining, backpacking, road trips, unique activities, and camping—resonate best with her audience.

To work with Samantha, you can message her Instagram, connect via email, or visit her website. To view Samantha's work, click here.

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