Every year, Tourism Kelowna undertakes a sentiment survey aimed at measuring and benchmarking our residents' perceptions of the tourism industry as a whole and Tourism Kelowna as an organization. The year-over-year data we collect from the survey allows us to track how perceptions, values, and needs are trending and how or if they are affected by environmental factors and health issues. 

Of the nine questions included in the survey, none saw decreases year over year and seven saw positive increases. The data shows that the majority of decided Kelowna and Central Okanagan residents deem tourism to be an important industry in the area, they value the work that Tourism Kelowna does, and they recognize the impact it has on them as residents. 

The results of decided respondents include: 

  • 94.2% agree that tourism is an important industry in Kelowna and the Central Okanagan. 
  • 82.5% recognize the value of the work that Tourism Kelowna does and the impact it has on residents. 
  • 28.3% have personally used or referred others to use the services of the Visitor Centre. 
  • 61% believe that Kelowna is currently attracting the right group of visitors. 
  • 63.9% agree that tourism in Kelowna is a contributing factor in a general increase in their quality of life. 
  • 86.2% confirmed that sustainable, responsible tourism development is important to them. 
  • 70.4% believe Kelowna has sufficient infrastructure and attractions to be considered a desirable tourism destination into the future. 
  • 84.5% agree that the tourism industry provides good employment opportunities to Kelowna residents. 
  • 79.5% believe that money spent to attract tourism to Kelowna is a good investment. 

Area residents remain a key audience for the tourism industry and for us as an organization. Their feedback, perceptions, and satisfaction levels offer great value to the organization and help guide us as we move forward. 

For any questions regarding the annual Resident Sentiment Survey, please contact me at sara@tourismkelowna.com or at (250) 861-1515 ext. 218.