Tourism Kelowna is always on the lookout for new, professional photo assets to add to our library, with the goal of promoting our destination and our stakeholders. If you are a participating stakeholder of Tourism Kelowna, we would welcome your stand-out photos to use in our marketing of Kelowna and the Central Okanagan. 

Photo assets accessible through our asset library are used by our team to promote our stakeholders in a variety of ways including posts on our website and social media channels, as well as in consumer, industry, and media newsletters.

Access to applicable photo assets is also provided to industry partners, media, and tourism-related businesses for non-commercial use to promote tourism activities, attractions, and services within the Central Okanagan, further expanding the potential reach of your photos. 

If you have professionally-shot photos and would like to add them to Tourism Kelowna's asset library for possible inclusion in promotional and marketing materials, please gather up your photos and either create a Dropbox folderGoogle Drive folder, or create a link using WeTransfer, and send the link with the photos to me at

All photos uploaded to our asset library will include photo credit to your business and the applicable photographer, if necessary (please identify photos accordingly if a photographer needs to be credited). 

Below is an example of what a photo would look like if it were included in one of Tourism Kelowna's blog posts. 

OAK + CRU Luminescence

Photo by: OAK + CRU Social Kitchen & Wine Bar

If you have questions or want more information, please contact me at or at (250) 861-1515 ext. 216.