People who visit Tourism Kelowna's website can now be served targeted content based on a mix of factors such as geographical location, how often they visit the site, and even the pages and content they choose to view. 

Targeting specific content to website users dynamically allows us to deliver the most relevant information to each user. Those seeking information about future travel may want information about accommodation and transportation options or general information on things to do. Simultaneously, locals or visitors who are already in the region will have different needs, seeking information about specific things to do on a given day, such as which restaurant to dine at or what activities and attractions are available to book.  

How Dynamic Content Works

  • Profiles are created for website users based on geographic location (e.g. in Kelowna versus outside Kelowna). 
  • Content on the website is then customized to each profile.
  • The visitor will only see the content that is targeted to their geographic location. (e.g. someone in Kelowna would see different content than someone outside of Kelowna).

In Kelowna Market Content:

While non-essential travel is not currently recommended and people continue to stay local and support local, website users in Kelowna will see relevant content options such as the Local Savings Pass and Explore Kelowna Local front and centre.

In Kelowna Market Homepage Dynamic Content Example


Outside of Kelowna Market Content:

For people outside of Kelowna, such as individuals travelling for essential purposes or those planning for future travel, relevant information such as what businesses are open or inspirational content that can be used to help plan their next trip will be front and centre.

Out of Kelowna Market Homepage Dynamic Content Example

How Dynamic Content Helps

The major benefit of dynamic content is that it allows us to display targeted content specific to each visitor profile, which will be more relevant to each individual user and encourage them to engage more with our website, with the ultimate goal of increasing visitation and bookings. Additionally, once COVID-19 travel restrictions ease, we can target specific geographic areas with messaging encouraging them to travel to Kelowna, adjusting the messaging and content based on which area they are located. 

If you have questions or want to discuss the dynamic content on Tourism Kelowna's website further, contact me at