The City of Kelowna recently released the approved Council Priorities 2023-2026, which outline "the strategic shifts, improvements and changes that are important to Council, the community and organization." In the fall of 2022, Tourism Kelowna released the Tourism Destination Development plan, a strategy document co-created with the City of Kelowna, industry, and residents. The priorities released from both organizations show strong alignment and highlight how work is already being completed or supported collaboratively.

The priorities from Council are grouped into six areas: Crime & Safety, Affordable Housing, Homelessness, Transportation, Agriculture, and Climate & Environment. Some of the ways in which Tourism Kelowna's work aligns with three of the priority areas include:

  1. Affordable Housing
    • Municipal Regional District Tax (MRDT) revenue from online accommodation platform bookings, like AirBnB, flows to the City of Kelowna's affordable housing fund, which is used to acquire city-owned land to build affordable housing.
    • Tourism Kelowna staff are participating in the City of Kelowna Housing Needs Assessment.
  2. Transportation
    • Tourism Kelowna's team:
      • Promotes public, active, and micro-mobility transportation options throughout the Central Okanagan.
      • Advocates for the industry by participating in engagement sessions and passing along feedback from visitors, residents, and tourism businesses.
      • Liaises with the Kelowna International Airport on air service and route development initiatives.
      • Encourages the expansion of public transportation routes, active transportation options, and accessibility in the Central Okanagan.
      • Collaborates to execute Meet Me on Bernard, activating Kelowna's downtown core and creating an additional active transportation corridor in the summer.
  3. Climate & Environment

The Council Priorities 2023-2026 can be accessed through the City of Kelowna website, while the Tourism Destination Development Plan is available here

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