Tourism Kelowna, with the support of the Uptown Rutland Business Association (URBA) and Uptown Mural Project, has launched the #exploreKelowna Uptown Rutland Murals passport. This is the third launch in the #exploreKelowna passport experience program, following the Local Savings Pass and Wine Trails Passport, which were released in February and May respectively. 

The Uptown Rutland Murals Pass is a free digital passport that aims to encourage visitors and locals to explore and learn about the large-scale murals that have been designed as part of the Uptown Mural Project initiative. 

The Uptown Mural Project is an inclusive and educational urban art initiative presented by URBA. The goal of this project is to revitalize the Uptown Rutland community, encouraging local artistic development, increasing walkability, and inspiring youth through contemporary public art.

This pass speaks directly to our organization's mission "to support and market the tourism destination of Kelowna in a sustainable manner that strengthens the local economy and enriches the quality of life."  It will play a part in creating visitor dispersion to less visited areas of the city, and it will drive direct traffic to the local businesses in that area.  


Rutland Murals Phone Example

This pass takes the form of a fun scavenger hunt. Fourteen murals are included—each comes with a locator on a map and includes the name of the artist(s), Instagram account, description, and a scavenger hunt question. Users are prompted to visit each of the murals and if all the questions are answered correctly, they are automatically entered to win a prize. The pass also includes a Nearby Businesses & Activities section so users can support local businesses and continue to discover the area. 

Signing up for the #exploreKelowna Uptown Rutland Murals pass is easy—simply visit the website, fill out the online form to receive a text or email with a link to your passport, save it to your phone, and start redeeming!

If you're interested in being a part of our passports programs, please reach out to me at

Header image: Seuños / The Great Magician by Jeremy ShantzDavid Doody, and Jorden Doody