Dig into our Roots

Pride of Place Tours

Nestled in a valley teeming with lakes and sunshine, the Okanagan is ideal for agricultural production. The first settlers realized this and planted fruit trees in the 1850’s so we’ve had a few years to hone our skills and show off the fruits of our labour.

Tourism Kelowna is proud to have partnered with Caldwell Heritage Farm/Wiseacre Distillery and Day’s Century Growers to create two in-depth guided tours that showcase our communities’ deep roots in agriculture production. Learn about two farming families that call Kelowna home, the evolution of their agricultural journey and how they have revitalized their family farms with new technology and products. 

A Pear's Journey 

Day's Century Growers

Day's Century Growers (5)

Enjoy a tour from Kati Day, 5th generation farmer at Day’s Century Growers where she will provide a behind the scenes look at their family farm, the evolution of orcharding through the pear block plantings and their state-of-the-art pear specific optical sorting line. These private tours are exclusive, only run once per week with a maximum of ten participants. 

Meet the Maker - Private Guest Experience

Wiseacre Farm Distillery/Caldwell Heritage Farm

Wiseacre Farm Distillery

Led by proprietor’s Kristi or James Caldwell, this exclusive weekly, behind-the-scenes tour will showcase various elements of the farmstead including vintage tractors and a blacksmith shop while providing insights into their new venture – spirit production. Each tour concludes with a private tasting in the sipping shack. 


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