Phase three of the BC restart plan is now upon us and we want to share with potential travellers that we are ready to welcome them in a safe and responsible manner. Through our social media accounts, newsletters, and advertising, you'll see messaging to tourists that "Kelowna is Ready", as well as, responsible travel information. To bolster those messages, we encourage those in the tourism industry in Kelowna and area to review and use the below information and assets where it makes sense for your business. 

Social Media

  • Incorporate "ready" messaging into your captions.
    • "Your table is ready", "Your tasting is ready" 
    • "We are ready to welcome you"
    • "Are you ready to experience XYZ?"
  • Use the "Ways to Explore Kelowna Safely" social media images in the asset bank on your own channels. 
  • Use #exploreKelowna on your social media posts
    • We encourage visitors and industry to use this hashtag to share their messages. It keeps visitors, residents, and us at Tourism Kelowna informed.
  • Share our "Kelowna is Ready" posts

Photography & Video

We have created an asset bank with several content pieces for you to use and an overlay so you can personalize your own images. 

  • Share our videos on your social media channels

    • Share our posts to your channel, like the one embedded above.
    • Or download our videos from the asset bank and post the video directly to your accounts and tag us.
  • "Kelowna is Ready" social media images
    • Ready to use images of Kelowna are in the asset bank.
    • Download them and use them on your own social media profiles.
  • ​"Kelowna is Ready" overlays
    • Use Photoshop or Canva to add the overlays in the asset bank to your own images.
    • The overlays are 1080 x 1080 pixel (1:1 ratio) best used for social media posts.
  • Embed the videos and images on your website.

Safety & Responsible Travel

  • Encourage guests to keep safe through your social media messaging, on your website and in person.
  • Share our "Ways to Explore Kelowna Safely" information or create similar safety messaging of your own. 
  • Ways to Explore Kelowna Safely social media images
    • Ready to use images are in the asset bank.
    • Download them and use them on your own social media profiles.

Have questions? Reach out to the Marketing & Communications team at


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