Meetings & COVID-19 FAQs

As of July 1, BC is in Step 3 of its restart plan, which will allow Canada-wide recreational travel to and within the province. Some province-wide, provincial health orders remain in place as part of this next step.

Current capacity limitation for all events includes sporting events, conferences, meetings, concerts, theatres, religious gatherings or other similar events. 

For indoor events, the capacity limit are as follows: No more than 50 persons, or 50% of the seated operating capacity of the place, excluding event staff, whichever number is greater, are present. 

For outdoor events, the capacity limits are as follows: No more than 5,000 persons, or 50% of the seated operating capacity of a place, excluding event staff, whichever number is greater, are present. This includes sporting events, conferences, meetings, concerts, theatres, religious gatherings or other similar events.

View the full Gatherings and Events Provincial Health Order. 



Q: Is it a standard in Kelowna to administer temperature checks? Where can a meeting planner find supplies for temperature checks and who is responsible for the associated costs?  

A: Transport Canada recently announced that screeners will now administer temperature checks for passengers before going through security when departing from Kelowna International Airport. Temperature checks may be required for admittance to some businesses and venues; however, it is not mandatory in most locations. As a meeting planner, if you wanted to implement temperature checks before entering your meeting spaces or off-site events you would need to purchase thermometers from a pharmacy or medical supply store at your own cost. 

Q: If an attendee or individual requires a COVID-19 test during an event, where do they go to be tested?  Is testing available to everyone including out of province guests?

A: Kelowna has a testing centre currently located at 1171 Harvey Avenue. Click here to learn more about testing sites and hours of operation. Testing is open to all Canadians; however, you will need to call in advance to make an appointment.  Further information about COVID testing in BC can be found here.

Q. If a program requires medical personnel on-site, where could those people be hired from?

A: In lieu of having trained medical staff on-site, please call 811 for any COVID related health questions or 911 for any medical emergencies.   

Q: Should an attendee test positive – what does that look like?  How does a visitor self-isolate? 

A: If an attendee or visitor tests positive while they are in Kelowna, they will be required to self-isolate. More detailed directions on how to get test results and what to do afterwards can be found here.  BC Provincial health does not cover any costs related to isolation. 

Q: Are contact tracing services available? Would an event organizer be responsible for costs? Are there regulations for pre or post-event reporting on safety measures? 

A: Each venue/business is responsible for its own contract tracing. Meeting planners would be required to provide attendee lists to management for each venue/business. Here is some more information on what details should be a part of contact tracing as well as how long the planner would need to retain this information.

Q: Are testing measures in place for hotel and service staff?

A: Yes, most places of business have a work safe protocol where they have been required to implement precautions to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission. More details of those mandated measures can be found here.

Q: Are additional hand sanitizing stations available for rental?  Perhaps for offsite venues or as additional stations when restrooms are at capacity?

A: Yes, event equipment rental companies such as Avalon Event Rentals do carry such items.

Q: What resources are available for planners and delegates on current pandemic information.  Stats, regulations, etc.

A: Tourism Kelowna and partners rely on the guidance of the World Health OrganizationProvince of BC, BC Centre for Disease Control, Worksafe BC, and Interior Health as resources. We are happy to help in any way we can to assist in collecting accurate information.


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