Media Visits

***Please note, our travel media program is currently on hold. However, we do encourage journalists to reach out in the event we are able to support in the future.***

Tourism Kelowna offers an extensive visiting journalists program. In addition to coordinating individual and group tours year-round, our team can recommend or set up accommodations, activities, and interviews and provide information and ideas for content.

To allow our team to aide you in your visit to Kelowna and suit the specific needs of your assignment, please complete the Media Information Form and submit it to our team several weeks in advance of your proposed visit.

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Media Hosting Policy

Tourism Kelowna provides assistance to travel media and influencers that reach our key markets through print, broadcast, and online channels.

We receive a high number of requests and regret that we are not able to fully support them all.

Media Visit Guidelines:

  • All requests for visit assistance are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and will result in varying levels of support.
  • Tourism Kelowna requires a minimum audience of 25,000 unique monthly viewers or circulation in order to be considered for hosting support.
  • Influencer requests require 10,000 minimum followers with an engagement rate of 2% or more that reach a key target audience.
  • 4-6 weeks advance notice is preferred for all requests.
  • High season requests (mid-June to mid-September) require a minimum of 8-12 weeks’ notice to be considered; hosting during this time is reserved for key opportunities.
  • Media on assignment will be given priority, though those that have a proven track record producing content that aligns with our target markets may be supported.
  • Hosting support for one-night stopovers will only be considered for media on assignment.
  • Hosting assistance is not provided to personal travelling companions (partner, children, etc.); any exceptions are at the discretion of Tourism Kelowna.
  • Once booked by Tourism Kelowna, any baggage fees, flight changes, and/or cancellation fees are the responsibility of the visiting journalist.
  • Tourism Kelowna cannot arrange film permits or work visas.

While being hosted by Tourism Kelowna and its stakeholders, media are asked to:

  • Act in a professional and polite manner – discrimination or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Respect local customs, history, traditions, and laws.
  • Respect the environment at all times.
  • Participate in all scheduled activities on hosted trips unless ill or incapacitated.
  • Tag and mention Tourism Kelowna and relevant stakeholder social media channels when appropriate.

After being hosted by Tourism Kelowna and its stakeholders, media are asked to:

  • Include a link to where possible on content created as a result of your visit.
  • Send copies or links to any articles, videos, images, etc. produced during the visit as soon as they are able.

Tourism Kelowna assists with many media visits each year and reserves the right to deny working with media that do not adhere to the above guidelines.

Please select the appropriate form below for the purpose of your visit and submit to the Tourism Kelowna team. 

Contact Us

Carla Bechard

Travel Media & Communication

250.861.1515 ext. 204

Contact Carla to: Inquire about and/or set up media visits to Kelowna, request images or content for publication, share information on your business or service which may appeal to media, discuss new and noteworthy happenings in Kelowna and area.