Crawford Trails is the main mountain biking network in Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park and Protected Area, and is one of the largest networks in the region. This entire trail network has been mapped and signed and is therefore very approachable for people new to the trails.

The main access point is the day parking lot at the end of Stewart Road E. From there, the primary up-track is Lost Lake Trail. Shuttle options are available by getting dropped off at Ruth Station up Little White FSR. From there, bike on the Kettle Valley Railway and drop into one of the many trails in the network.

Popular Trails include:

Fairlane Trail
Downhill only; Intermediate; 4.9km
Flowy-style trail with some technical sections and optional small rock drops.

Connector Trail
Downhill only; Advanced; 2km

Big Drop
Downhill only; Advanced; 1.2km

Vapour Trail
Downhill only; Advanced; 4.2km