Currently serving Vancouver, Kelowna, Prince George, Edmonton and Calgary: MirrorTrip is ideal for anyone who enjoys the flexibility of car rental, however, due to the expensive drop-off fees doesn't normally rent cars for one-way trips. MirrorTrip solves this problem by eliminating one-way drop-off fees altogether. We have exclusive partnerships with top tier rental companies like Hertz that allow us to match people together who want to travel opposite directions, using our website or mobile app.

MirrorTrip offers many advantages compared to flying, bus, or carpooling such as greater flexibility for your schedule and your route, and no luggage restrictions or restrictions on pets. And particularly, if there's more than one person in your travelling party, MirrorTrip is usually more cost-effective than all of these other options. So, if you're flying into one city and out of another, heading out to Vancouver for a cruise, or just going on a road trip - check out to get the road travelled, for less!

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