Blind Tiger Vineyards
11014 Bond Rd.
Lake Country, BC V4V 1J6
Tel (250) 766-0622

Blind Tiger's were established in the days of the prohibition & served alcohol to patrons with the tiger's blindfold indicating the open and closing hours (if the police were watching or not). Similar to the prohibition days, Blind Tiger Vineyards is a small family owned vineyard, hidden in the hills of Lake Country.

Our organic vineyard produces small-batch wines with unique, vibrant flavors. Visit our tasting room to sample our Speakeasy 2014, a Bordeaux-style vintage or our ever Hush Up Blush. Cheer's to the blindfold always being on!

"Why Blind Tiger"
Stories over the years hint that family members may have been involved in the liquor trade during the US Prohibition. This sparked the imaginations of Charlene & Jerry when starting the vineyard in 2007. In the 20’s & 30’s, patrons could buy a token to see the ‘blind tiger’, in reality they would access an establishment that served illegal alcohol. The name has a sense of fun and a thread of family history, and so Blind Tiger Vineyards it was.

Winter hours: Saturday's 11:00 am - 5:00 pm, closed at Christmas until the spring.

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