Many of you will remember back to 2006 when we undertook our first study to determine if Kelowna needed a new Visitor Centre. Traffic analysis, demand models, best practice research and stakeholder workshops were conducted as part of the study which determined that due to several shortfalls with the current site, a new Centre was required. A subsequent study took place in 2008 to identify location options and resulted in City Park rising to the top of the list. 

Through this research it was determined that a new centre, if strategically located, should be accessible to foot traffic and provide a new opportunity to impact on the touring decisions of in-market visitors to go to increased tourism attractions and experiences. Several other positive impacts also surfaced such as having the opportunity to tell the Kelowna story – our heritage and culture –  to our visitors, creating a safe public gathering place and a point of departure for tours and expressing the importance of tourism and pride of place with a building that is consistent with the quality and diversity of experiences offered in our area.  Fast forward to 2013…. The City of Kelowna is now developing a new City Park Concept Plan which to our delight includes a new landmark Visitor Centre. They are requesting public input to the overall park concept plan and the Visitor Centre.  Please become engaged and provide your support for this centre by going to .  Scroll down to the “Visioning Tourism Kelowna” section and enter your thoughts before the April 25 deadline. Thank you!