Tourism Kelowna works strategically on on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  to ensure consumers find your businesses in their Kelowna internet searches. This past August, the Tourism Kelowna Website was re-launched with many notable improvements including a new, more SEO-friendly, platform.  Comparing analytics year over year data from site re-launch to Feb 1/2013 and the same time frame from 2011/2012, we are happy to see substantial growth in the following areas:

  1. 42% more visitors
  2. Pages / visit increase of 25%
  3. 78% more site wide pageviews
  4. Organic traffic has increased 48%
  5. The organic search term “Kelowna hotels” brought 3,463 visits to the site compared to 612 in the previous year; a 466% increase
  6. The organic search term “Kelowna wineries” brought 1,458 visits to the site compared to 361 in the previous year; a 304% increase

We’re getting ready for the spikes in annual web traffic that come hand in hand with warmer months and increased travel searches. Now is the perfect time for you to ensure your listing on the Tourism Kelowna Website is up to date.  The new website platform also allows for much longer descriptions – so don’t be shy brag a little or a lot about your business and/or your services.  You can email listing edits and images to:

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