This screenshot of Hemispheres Magazine’s website shows both the online article entry point as well as the cover image of the March issue of Hemispheres Magazine in all United Airlines flights for the month.

For the next month, passengers flying on all United Airlines routes will be able to read about Kelowna in a glorious 11 page photo-essay feature on our city entitled “Three Perfect Days in Kelowna.” This cover story on Kelowna runs for the month of March in the airline’s Hemispheres Magazine (exposure to over 12 million passengers per month), so travelers all around the world, like Mr. 11D on a flight from Chicago to Hong Kong, will get to discover the intrigue of Kelowna and learn of United’s new LA-Kelowna flight. The editorial team covering the feature was hosted by Tourism Kelowna and Big White when they came out last December. We thank all our stakeholders who participated on this itinerary when we approached you in our planning stages. This article is posted on our Articles page along with several others that feature Kelowna as a great travel destination. Tourism Kelowna’s Media Relations Program regularly hosts media on assignment to generate travel stories such as these on our destination.