Clear and consistent Tourist Oriented Destination Signs (TODS) assist visitors and residents with getting to major attractions within the city. The TODS policy has been designed by the City of Kelowna to ensure there are clear and consistent direction signs in order to optimize business success, reduce driver confusion and minimize sign clutter on our roadways.

The goals of the policy are to:
•ensure clear way-finding for tourists in order to optimize business success and to present tourists with clear and consistent directional signage;
•set eligibility criteria for tourist attraction operators;
•formalize the application process to qualified tourist attraction operators;
•minimize sign proliferation on City roadways, in order to maintain safety and to avoid driver confusion at all times;
•recover sign manufacturing, installation, maintenance and administration costs; and
•integrate with the current provincial signage program.

To submit an application for TODS and to review the policy please go to