When the Okanagan Valley was voted among USA Today’s 10 Best Wine Regions to Visit in a Readers’ Choice competition, Tourism Kelowna was thrilled. We spread the good news through our social media networks and celebrated along with the valley’s wine industry. After all, it’s a big deal when a publication with 3.1 million readers (print) and 26.3 million unique visitors a month (online) holds a 10 Best competition, and audiences vote your valley as number 2 on that list. Did that put the Okanagan on many readers’ radar as a place they’d like to visit? Did it get us on the consideration set for many new potential travelers? That is certainly the power of the media, and it is cause for excitement. That’s why we proudly published the USA Today 10 Best button on our website, for all our potential visitors to see when they come to TourismKelowna.com to research wine. It will be another testament to the vibrancy of Kelowna’s wine country, along with the many travel articles that we have posted to our website to show third-party impressions of our destination. It will add to our area’s strength and intrigue as a wine destination. Congratulations to wineries along Kelowna’s 5 wine trails, and throughout the Okanagan Valley. I think we can all toast to that!