Theressa Ross of East Kelowna Cider Co. explains the apple harvest to media guests from San Francisco in October 2014 on a press trip hosted by Tourism Kelowna.

Kelowna has seen some exciting media coverage this season, much of which was initiated this spring and summer by media visits we hosted. Read on for a quick round up of some recent highlights; and for more on what the media are saying about Kelowna, check out our Articles page.

September, 2014 stories:

  • San Francisco Chronicle story by John Flinn (hosted July 2014). Besides this impressive print spread over three pages of this award-winning newspaper travel section, this story also ran in the, sfgate,com, houstonchronicle,com, and the news aggregator website Press Display, for a total audience (circulation plus unique visitors) of 11,718,011.
  • Destination BC’s consumer travel blog,, story on winery restaurants in the Okanagan Valley by Roslyne Buchanan.
  • Calgary Herald story by John Gilchrist (who visited in August 2014)  features chefs and restaurants in Kelowna to an audience of 954,402 (combined print and online)
  • three stories in the Vancouver Sun by Joanne Sasvari feature Kelowna and valley accommodation, cheese, and restaurant options. Joanne came to Kelowna in February and September, 2014. The Vancouver Sun combined print and online audience is 1,705,174.
  • Sing Tao Daily story by David Lang (hosted in July 2014). This Chinese language newspaper is distributed to over 200,000 readers in markets throughout North America. The story features Kelowna farms, wineries, and restaurants.

October, 2014 stories:

  • Trade magazines Just for Canadian Doctors and Just for Canadian Dentists both featured Kelowna travel stories by Catherine Tse and Barb Sligl, who visited Kelowna for the 2013 Okanagan Fall Wine Festival to their print circulation of 28,000 readers
  • Pique News Magazine based in Whistler featured Kelowna businesses Tantalus Vineyards and Arlo’s Honey Farm in 2 compelling stories by Leslie Anthony (who visited Kelowna in September) to an audience of 73,956 (combined print and online)
  • The ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation in the Philippines ran an informational story on Kelowna and why Filipino workers have chosen to live and work here (television audience of 1,400,000)
  • Edge Media Network (in three affiliated sites of Edge San Francisco, Edge Boston, and Edge Providence) ran a travel story on Kelowna as a gay wedding destination by writer Jim Gladstone. According to their website, Edge is the largest network of local Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) news and entertainment portals in the world, serving 1.1 million dedicated readers from a variety of metropolitan areas around the United States and beyond.