go2hr, BC’s tourism and hospitality human resource association, is pleased to host the industry’s 3rd annual Occupational Health & Safety Summit on August 21, 2014 in Richmond. This year’s theme is “Understanding the dynamics between age and workplace health and safety.” In this interactive one-day session, speakers will provide trends and stats on workplace injuries related to the young and older workforce, dispel myths about the different generations, and share industry-specific strategies and tactics regarding injury prevention and return to work for these two demographics.

Throughout the workshop, tourism employers will also learn about:

• the proposed changes to their sector’s annual WorkSafeBC base rates;
• incident and injury trends and stats within the industry; and
• updates on go2hr’s Industry Health and Safety program, including the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program.

For more information or to register for the Occupational Health & Safety Summit, please visit go2hr.ca/2014summit.