Our blogger guests on the deck at Summerhill Pyramid Winery.

This past weekend saw a new partnership take shape that has elevated the status of Kelowna as a prime foodie travel destination among Canada’s top professional bloggers. Tourism Kelowna hosted 6 members of the Food Bloggers of Canada in a pilot project whereby the call for bloggers was put out through this professional associations’ channels. With a membership base greater than 1300 strong, the Food Bloggers of Canada fulfills a mandate to provide bloggers with practical resources, professional development, and opportunities to work with brands that recognize and value blogger influence.

The food bloggers learn to make creme brulée with Sandrine, cameras at the ready!

Tourism Kelowna recognized the benefit of working in partnership with the Food Bloggers of Canada to identify bloggers that would be the right fit to come out to Kelowna, experience our food scene, and subsequently share their impressions with their blog readers. The six bloggers who came as part of the inaugural #KelownaFBC tour ate and drank their way through Kelowna, visiting a pastry shop, farms, wineries, restaurants, and a distillery along the way. Blog posts are already coming in detailing their experiences in Kelowna. Check out these 2 initial posts on the blog eat. live. travel. write. and Gastrofork for a glimpse into their impressions. The bloggers were also active on the social media, showing their appreciation for the experiences we shared in their tweets and instagram channels. I have compiled their tweets into a Storify link – feel free to check out all their fun tweets and experiences while in Kelowna.

The food bloggers prepare to eat lunch at Hillcrest Farm Market… but first: food photos!

The bloggers have extensive followers on their social media channels, and succeeded in creating quite a buzz about Kelowna and our food and drink locales with their enthusiastic tweeting. In all, 306 tweets about our destination and experiences were shared over the course of 2.5 days, reaching 116,600 individual twitter accounts representing 1,300,000 impressions (the number of people who could have seen these tweets based on the total number of followers on these 116,600 twitter accounts.

Thanks to all our stakeholders who made our guests feel welcome in Kelowna! We will be posting the links to their blogposts on our Articles page as they come in. If you have questions about our Media Relations program, please feel free to contact me at catherine@tourismkelowna.com or by phone at (250) 861-1515 ext 203.