With the launch of Destination BC’s new Corporate Strategy, there have been changes  made to the Quality Assurance program, the HelloBC® Listings Program and the Approved Accommodation Guide for 2015.  These updates are in response to evolving consumer travel planning habits and allow you to reach your target customer more effectively.  Please read on for details of these changes:

Quality Assurance Program: Effective December 31, 2014, Destination BC’s (DBC) Quality Assurance (Inspections) program will be discontinued. As such, all accommodation businesses in the province are now eligible to enroll in DBC’s HelloBC® Listings Program without requiring an inspection. DBC will continue to publish TripAdvisor reviews and ratings on HelloBC.com and will continue to educate tourism businesses about social recommendations, to help them take full advantage of social networking and travel review websites.

Approved Accommodation Guide: DBC will no longer produce a printed Approved Accommodation Guide. To address this increasing trend towards online searches, a new downloadable PDF of accommodations listings will now be available, replacing the printed guide. Consumers will be able to search, print, download, email and share a real-time version of all accommodation listings on HelloBC.com, at any time, on any device. Consumers can also search/download accommodation listings by community/city or region, by category (e.g., B&Bs) or by community/city + category. This digital approach provides travellers with a more current and comprehensive list of accommodation businesses on HelloBC.com, than a guide which is updated and printed only once a year. With this new approach, visitors can view (and print if they wish) a downloadable PDF that will be updated in real time.

2015 HelloBC® Listings Program Pricing: The costs to enroll in the listings program are as follows:

• All accommodation listings are now $120 plus tax – an approximate savings of 56% and 68% over last year’s enrolment pricing (depending on the size of the property).

• Activities/Attractions, Golf, Ski, Transportation: $120 + GST (no change from 2014)

• Festival and Events, Dining: Free (no change from 2014)

FastTrack enrolment is back making it quick and easy for all businesses to re-enroll in the HelloBC® Listings Program. This allows businesses to enroll in less than 10 minutes.

If you have questions about these changes, please review the frequently asked questions below or contact Destination BC’s Tourism Product Management Department directly at 1-800-822-7899 or email them at productservices@destinationbc.ca.

2015 HelloBC Listings Program Quality Assurance Approved Accommodation Guide FAQ