Tourism Kelowna's 2019 fall advertising campaign delivered strong results. The campaign included several tactics including television ads, online videos, social media advertising, digital native ads, e-mail marketing, online banner ads, and online travel agency partnerships.

Television / Video

Our fall video ad ran on Canadian specialty television networks and in the United States on major US broadcast stations as a public service announcement. In total, nearly 12 million advertising impressions were earned and received almost $475,000 in additional (bonus) value, exceeding our campaign benchmarks. 



Social Media Advertising

Over 1.27 million advertising impressions were earned through Facebook and Instagram advertisements. The ads included destination / brand messages and versions with fall packages and fall / winter events to check out. The ads resulted in over 5,000 visits to Tourism Kelowna's website. 

Image of fall 2019 social media adimage of fall 2019 social media adimage of fall 2019 social media ad

Digital Advertising

Our native / digital ads earned over 7 million impressions and resulted in over 7,800 visits to Tourism Kelowna's website. Online banner ads earned over 700,000 impressions and delivered over 4,600 website visits. 

image of fall 2019 native content ad image of fall 2019 native content ad image of fall 2019 native content ad

In total, Tourism Kelowna's fall campaign delivered over 23 million impressions and earned an estimated added value of $483,000.

Our destination marketing campaign, in conjunction with strong meetings and conference business and a visitor engagement strategy encouraging travellers to spend more time in Kelowna and to do more while they are here, resulted in strong hotel occupancy numbers for the fall 2019 period. 

Month Occupancy Change from 2019
September 76.9% +1.0
October 65.8% +1.0
November 55.1 +3.2
Total (Jan-Nov) 68.1 +2.3

If you have any questions about our marketing and communication plans, please contact me at or by calling (250) 861-1515 ext 203.