It goes without saying that the global health emergency of 2020 has had an impact on all aspects of the tourism industry and businesses across the board, including Tourism Kelowna, have had to embrace being flexible and adaptable.

In July of 2020, Tourism Kelowna announced updates to its stakeholder Base Program renewals and implemented a 12-month extension of all Base & Enhanced Program benefits for stakeholders who had paid their 2019 fees.  

As part of this update, and due to the impact the pandemic is having on the industry, Tourism Kelowna will not be printing the Official 2021 Visitors' Guide and instead, will continue to hand out and distribute the 2020 guides. The closure of most businesses in Kelowna, including the Visitor Centre, in the spring of this year, as well as a shift in consumer trends and a decrease in collateral distribution, means that there is still a large quantity of Official 2020 Visitors' Guides’ remaining, and these will continue to be used at the Visitor Centre and be distributed to our stakeholders and local businesses in Kelowna and the Central Okanagan throughout next year. 

As an organization, we are continually searching for new and innovative ways to provide value to our visitors and our stakeholders and in the following months we’ll be launching new digital tools that will help us better serve in-market visitors and drive traffic to local businesses.

If you would like more information about Tourism Kelowna's advertising programs, you can click here or you can reach out to me directly at or (250) 861-1515 ext. 218.