Tourism Kelowna’s marketing engine is powered by more than 400 local tourism-related businesses and organizations. These stakeholders have entrusted us with funding to research, develop, and execute advertising and communication strategies that will inspire and motivate travellers to visit our beautiful year-round destination.

Although stakeholder feedback is gathered throughout the year, Tourism Kelowna also conducts an annual survey in order to gather feedback on programs and services and to ensure we are supporting the needs of these local tourism and hospitality businesses. 
This year’s stakeholder survey was conducted from September 24 to October 24, 2019, using an online anonymous survey tool. Results were overwhelmingly positive, showing increases across all performance measures. Highlights included:

  • Overall satisfaction with Tourism Kelowna has increased to 87%, up from 68% in 2018.
  • Awareness of the Municipal Regional District Tax (75%) and satisfaction with the use of those funds (65%) has increased over previous years.
  • 96% of stakeholders indicated sustainable and responsible tourism is a priority for them.

Satisfaction levels with all six of Tourism Kelowna’s service areas have also increased:

  • Leisure travel marketing 89%, up from 74%
  • Visitor Centre services 76%, up from 59%
  • Meetings and conferences 75% from 55%
  • Sports and major events 74%, up from 57%
  • Advertising programs 72%, up from 57%
  • Destination management initiatives 74%, up from 54%

We are grateful for the support of our stakeholders and will use their feedback to continue refining content, tactics, and target markets. Tourism Kelowna stakeholders can download a detailed copy of the survey results in the Partner Bulletins section of the Extranet.