Tourism Kelowna is happy to welcome the collaborative art project, 'The Seasons at Myra Canyon,' into the Kelowna Visitor Centre. This piece was originally painted as a display for the storm shelter at Trestle #11 at Myra Canyon in Myra Bellevue Provincial Park. Chosen by the Gallagher's Canyon Art Society and the Myra Canyon Trestle Society from three pieces, the pastel mural piece by Julia Hepburn was felt to not only represent Myra Canyon artistically but also highlighted what Myra Canyon has to offer throughout the year.

Hepburns's piece was replicated onto half-inch birch plywood by multiple artists using acrylic paints. The final collaborative painting is 5' tall by 10' wide. Thirteen artists were involved of the creation of this piece: Sandie Anderson, Karen Foster, Wanda Grevatt, Paddi Griffiths, Sue Hall, Julia Hepburn, Julie Klatt, Shirley Leswick, Colleen Linttell, Faith Livingstone, June Messmer, Joyce Stevens, Nycole Yanow, and Artistic Consultant, Tina Siddiqui.

A reproduction of the painted mural has been printed on graffiti-proof alumi-panel and will be hung in the storm shelter later this summer. An official unveiling of the piece will take place at the Kelowna Visitor Centre later in the fall near Myra Canyon Day on October 6.

For questions about the mural, Myra Canyon, or Myra Canyon Day, please contact the Kelowna Visitor Centre at or (250) 861-1515 ext. 201.