In the coming months, we'll introduce you to our valuable Board members, who volunteer their time and expertise to provide strong leadership and guidance to Tourism Kelowna. 

Natalie Corbett

Natalie Corbett

Natalie Corbett joined the Kelowna Accent Inns property as General Manager in 2017, having moved to the city three years prior from Squamish, BC. She subsequently served 4 years on the board of the Kelowna Hotel and Motel Association, with 2 years as President from 2021-23.

"After 10 years of life on the 'wet coast,' I was thrilled to find a city that had mountains, lakes, trails and all of the things I love with a generous amount of sunshine thrown in," says Natalie.

Today, as Director of Continous Improvement for Accent Inns/Hotel Zed/ROAR, Natalie is responsible for leading a team that embodies the organizational value of "Make Everything Better."

"I look after major capital investments, renovations, new hotel builds and company-wide systems implementations for the 5 Accent Inns and 3 Hotel Zeds in BC, including our Kelowna properties," adds Natalie.

Originally appointed as a Board Director in February 2021 through her role as KHMA President, Natalie began her first term as an elected Director in May 2023. In addition to her role as Treasurer on the Executive Committee, Natalie is also Chair of the Finance Committee.

What made you decide to get involved with Tourism Kelowna’s Board of Directors?

My first experience on the Board was as an appointed Director in my role as KHMA President. After my term ended, I eagerly put my name forward as an elected Director.  This Board is an amazing group of professionals working in concert to move Tourism Kelowna in a direction that benefits operators, visitors, and residents alike. 

What unique perspective do you bring to the Board? How do you see yourself adding value for Tourism Kelowna members?

I've had the privilege of working in the tourism sector in Edmonton, Jasper, Whistler, Squamish, and Vancouver over the past 20 years.  I've seen what contributes to a strong, healthy, and resilient tourist economy and what can detract from it. I've also experienced many tourism-focused communities as a resident. I think I bring a willingness to share ideas, listen, and learn with the goal of finding balance between Kelowna as a sustainable tourist destination, and an amazing place to live.

What advice do you have for other industry members considering running for a position on the Board?

Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. It may seem intimidating if you haven't had past board experience, but we truly do love welcoming new and diverse voices and perspectives to our conversations.  

Aside from economic impact, what value does tourism bring to the communities in and around Kelowna?

I believe a strong tourism industry truly adds to the quality of life for residents. Government and private industry investment in tourism infrastructure can be enjoyed by residents year-round. Personally, I also find my experience as a resident enriched by my interactions with visitors—I love seeing our beautiful region through the eyes of our guests. 

What are the top three activities/attractions you like to do in and around Kelowna?

I love a great bike ride on the KVR trestles, a cross-country ski at Kelowna Nordic or an evening paddle on Wood Lake. Lots of nature is my happy place and I never run out of options.


This July, I proudly participated in my fifth Across The Lake Swim. This year was the event's 75th anniversary!

Tourism Kelowna Members are encouraged to contact Natalie via email at with any Board-related questions or to provide your input on Tourism Kelowna's work, including its 2022-2025 Strategic Plan