Tourism is a vitally important industry in Kelowna according to 95% of residents recently surveyed by Tourism Kelowna. In addition, 81% felt the tourism industry provides positive employment opportunities for Kelowna and that money spent to attract tourism to the destination is a good investment.

“The survey proved Kelowna residents have a strong understanding of the importance of the tourism industry and that they care deeply about responsible, sustainable destination development,” says Lisanne Ballantyne, President & CEO of Tourism Kelowna. “The survey also showed opportunities to delve deeper into who the ‘right’ type of visitor is and to learn what experiences and attractions will support our four-season destination development.”

Other survey results included

  • 57% felt the tourism industry was a contributing factor to their quality of life.
  • 86% stated that sustainable, responsible tourism is important to them.
  • 64% felt that Kelowna has sufficient attractions and infrastructure to be a desirable tourism destination in the future.
  • 79% stated they valued the work done by Tourism Kelowna and its positive impact on residents.
  • 96% reported some level of awareness of the Kelowna Visitor Centre.

The September 2019 survey was the first in what will now become an annual benchmarking measure. Focus group discussions will follow later this year to provide deeper insight into how Kelowna residents believe tourism impacts their city and their daily life. Tourism Kelowna also conducts annual surveys to measure stakeholder and visitor satisfaction. Incorporating the residents' perspective now ensures regular feedback from all three key audiences – valuable inputs for long term destination development plans.