go2HR recently released the BC Tourism Human Resources Strategy (THRS) 2019, which was developed to meet the industry’s vision of “a thriving and skilled workforce that delivers exceptional experiences to our guests.”

With current labour shortages throughout the province and job growth predicted to swell to 350,000 by 2028, it is more important than ever for industry stakeholders to work together. As part of the strategy, go2HR has included four goals that BC’s tourism industry will need to focus on in order to achieve its vision:

  1. Attract and retain a sufficient number of appropriately skilled employees that support the growth of the industry.
  2. Ensure industry has access to the right training at the right time.
  3. Make evidence-based workforce development decisions through relevant, current, and reliable research.
  4. Ensure stakeholder efforts and resources are well-coordinated to achieve optimal return on tourism workforce investments.

Several strategic priorities and activities “needed to recruit, retain and train the workers required to meet the projected industry growth” are outlined in the report, segmented in the areas of:

  • organization and coordination
  • policy, research, and evaluation
  • attraction and recruitment
  • retention
  • training and development

Click here for more information and to download the full report.