BSAFE™, an online COVID-19 health and safety training program developed specifically for the BC tourism and hospitality industry, has officially launched.

BSAFE was created by go2HR with support from the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, and Sport and is a direct result of the Tourism Task Force’s recommendation to government that was delivered in their report in December 2020. Due to the government’s extended involvement and the considerable need in the tourism and hospitality industry for COVID-19 safety training, BSAFE will be fully accessible for all BC tourism and hospitality employers and staff to remove financial barriers to this training.

BSAFE is 90-minutes in length and will cover a range of topics, from COVID-19 conflict resolution situations to actionable workplace heath and safety activities and tasks to identifying employer and employee responsibilities, and more.

You can join the over 200 organizations that are already registered and working on becoming BSAFE Trained businesses. Upon full completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of achievement. Employers who have 75% of their workforce successfully complete the training course, will be recognized with a “BSAFE Trained” certificate. They can use this certificate in different ways to demonstrate their commitment to providing a safe environment for guests and workers, thereby increasing consumer confidence.

Tourism Kelowna is proud to be a part of this industry-wide effort to keep everyone safe. The BSAFE registration portal is now open to employers and employees who are interested in completing the course. Please visit BSAFE online to register and learn more today!

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